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  1. About the Sailboat Retrospective Template The Sailboat Retrospective (also known as the Sailboat Agile Exercise) is a low-pressure way for teams to reflect on how they handled a project. By defining your risks (the rocks), delaying issues (anchors), helping teams (wind), and the goal (land), you'll be able to work out what you're doing well.
  2. Agile Retrospective templates. Unlike more traditional sprint retrospectives such as the lessons learned retrospective, visual templates such as the sailboat retrospective, the hot air balloon retrospective or starfish retrospective drive engagement and help teams focus on the big picture. The simplicity of the template means that no technical.
  3. The Sailboat retrospective is also a great template to use to build team unity. By shifting the view of a simple sprint or project into an ocean-spanning journey, team members start to work together—like a ship's crew—to make sure the journey goes smoothly for everyone next time

Sailboat Retrospective template Helpful for Business Strategy Design Thinking Marketing & Sales Retrospectives & Feedback . Ayoa's Sailboat Retrospective template helps teams to visualize their goals and work together to identify any strengths and bottlenecks they'll encounter along the way The sailboat retrospective excels at making the team think about the goals of the project, the factors that are slowing them down, and the risks that could arrive without any notice. If you want to break the routine and perform a substantial retrospective activity, the sailboat is the perfect option to have in your Agile toolbox The Sailboat technique for retrospectives is a fun, interactive, and low-key way for your team to reflect on a project. It helps team members to identify what went right, what went wrong, and what improvements and changes can be made in the future. Usually the retrospective happens immediately after the completion of a project or sprint Start by opening a sailboat retrospective template on your Miro board. You'll see a sailboat image, a patch of land, a waterline, rocks, and an anchor below the boat. Here's one we love by Miro user Johanna Tortensson. Next, gather your team and equip them with some digital sticky notes in Miro to use during the retro

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https://www.tipsographic.com/sailboat-retrospective-template-excel-retro-google-sheets-free-online-whiteboard/This template is a collaborative document for s.. It helps a team visualize their project as a boat journey where obstacles, including rocks, wind, even the boat's own anchor, stand in the way of reaching the goal. This is a useful retrospective template if you want to pinpoint the things that slow progress (and eliminate them), and highlight the things that accelerate it Sailboat retros are still retrospective meetings, after all. Consequently, you can stick to the golden rules for organizing a retrospective: Allocate a 60-90 minute time slot at a regular cadence on your team calendars. Invite your team and aim for full attendance every time. Set the ground rules (e.g. no judgment, blame, or negativity) by. But whether you're a fan of sailing or not, you may find the Sailboat Retrospective, a simple but effective Agile retrospective, extremely useful. This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team. The idea is that the team is on a sailboat, heading towards their goal while dealing with winds and icebergs along the way

The speedboat format for retrospectives is something I like a lot and have used with teams or even whole organizations. I find it to be a good way for the team to think individually, and then collaborate and define solutions for their problems through visualization. Here you can download a free template to use with your co-located teams, as well as a template to use for distributed teams Team members can choose from retrospective templates to customize their sprint meetings. Sprint planning can benefit from any of the agile retrospective templates below: The start, stop, continue template; The four Ls retrospective template; A starfish retrospective; Sailboat retrospective; Glad, sad, mad; Mad, sad, gla Sailboat Retrospective. The Sailboat retrospective is a well-known and well-used retro - and for good reason. It's easy to grasp, visually interesting and can be applied to just about any team or situation to reflect on their team journey. You'll present the team with an image of a boat sailing to a paradise island, with forces helping it.

Sailboat template to run Sprint Retrospective How to use the sailboat idea to run a sprint retrospective. Show your scrum team a picture of a sailboat that's pushed towards the land by wind, withheld underwater by an anchor, and has a pile of rocks ahead 2. Team Retrospective. The sailboat exercise is by far my favorite method to use for exploring team thoughts and ideas. In this version, I use five particular items to appropriately position.

This retrospective is quite simple. First, we draw a SailBoat, rocks, clouds and couple of islands like it is shown on the picture on a flip chart. The islands represent teams´ goals/vision. They work every day to achieve these islands. The rocks represent the risks they might encounter towards their vision Retrospective Template. Get Started From Template. GET STARTED FROM TEMPLATE. Evaluate and evolve your work. This template is an online tool where you and your team can collaborate in real time to reflect on what happened in the most recent work iteration and identify actions for improvement going forward. No matter where your team is located. The Sailboat. The Sailboat is a picture template that uses a sailing boat metaphor to help a team visualise their goal and how they get there. The Speedcar. The Speedcar retrospective is a picture template that uses a racing car metaphor to ask the team what is holding them back and what is driving them forwards An agile retrospective is also known as the sprint or sailboat retrospective.. The Scrum Guide provides a clear definition of the agile retrospective. This definition is the ideal start to holding your lean coffee meeting. The Guide says the agile team can use the sprint retrospective as an opportunity for continuous improvement

Retrospective Sailboat Guide & Video. Retrospective Sailing is a great game for teams to play who wish to reflect collectively and identify improvements. you can use a shared whiteboard tool like Miro, create a template in a shared document or use the metaphor in a slack chat Speedboat / Sailboat ( # 19) Analyze what forces push you forward and what pulls you back. Source: Luke Hohmann, found at Mike Griffiths. Draw a speedboat onto a flip chart paper. Give it a strong motor as well as a heavy anchor. Team members silently write on sticky notes what propelled the team forward and what kept it in place FREE templates are here. A sprint retrospective meeting, also called an Agile retrospective, is a brief exercise where scrum. by the wind, and held back by anchors, a Sprint has factors that slow it down and speed it up. These are then placed either on the sail or below the boat, indicating that they are anchors or wind Figma Community file — Template for running a remote retrospective with your team. In this file you will find instructions for running a retro and all the necessary tools. The Sailboat retro allows a team to think about project impediments, risks, good practices and where the team wants to go. Check out three more. How it works. Step One: Prepare the exercise This retrospective technique is all about the visual. So, before we sail off on this quick retrospective, the facilitator sets our scene by projecting an image of a sailboat heading towards an island, rocks between the sailboat and the island, clouds (wind) behind the sailboat, and an anchor hanging from the sailboat

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This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team. The team iden... by Mike. Retrospective. 0 uses Mad Sad Glad This technique consists of the basic retrospective template (What went well, Things to improve and action items), but it adds an extra column for the by EasyRetro Team.. The sail boat futurespective is a great exercise that helps you to set your agile course and start sailing. I recommend this exercise to teams which are starting up and trying to figure out how to do their work in a good way. This exercise is available in the the Retrospective Exercise Toolbox, a free of charge agile and lean tool that helps. See Johanna's Sailboat Retrospective Template in Miroverse. Miro Knowledge Expert: @Lindsey Meredith - Product Marketing Manager at Miro. Lindsey has worked closely with Product and UX teams for the last seven years on developing and implementing remote collaboration practices in their teams This is where retrospective templates come in handy. There are lot of templates that could be used during agile retrospectives to make the event as engaging and fruitful as possible. Some of the other top retrospective templates I felt good are #12.Sailboat retrospective #13.Starfish retrospective #14.Speed Car retrospective #15.Hary Potter.

Free Customizable Sprint Retrospective Template. A sprint retrospective, sometimes referred to as an agile retrospective, is a short meeting that gives team members the opportunity to stop and reflect on past stages of a given project. Start with this doc This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team. The team identifies anchors (impediments) and wind (positive forces) and chooses an area to improve. Materials: Either a large white board or a large piece of poster paper. Flip charts can be used, but in my experience are not quite big enough for most teams Sailboat Retrospective template. Visualize your goals and identify the strengths and risks that will contribute to your success with Ayoa's simple Sailboat Retrospective template. View template 》

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With this simple retrospective template, your team brainstorms their on feedback onto sticky notes in three categories: I wasn't so keen on: things that haven't been so fun, or worked well, or anything else you weren't keen on. It would be better if: parts of the process that aren't bad, but you have an idea for making them better Retrospective Sailing — an agile reflection game. A hands on workshop facilitating a practical retrospective game. Retrospective Sailing is a game you can play as an individual in any role, as part of a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand how your journey is fairing. This game will give you a new and fun way to. The Timeline Retrospective is a useful technique here: it brings your team together by collaboratively and objectively assembling a timeline of events and facts. Then, from this solid foundation of shared understanding, their opinions about the significant events, along with their emotions at the time, can be constructively expressed and anchored

Introduce and explain the template to the team. 2. Start with asking the team to write what they think the overall team goal is, and place their sticky notes on the island This retrospective template is a great way to check the emotional pulse of your agile team. Sailboat. A sailboat retrospective can illuminate all the things that are helping and hindering your scrum team. Learn More. Starfish. A starfish retrospective is named for its five points, where teams can articulate what to start doing, stop doing. Close the retrospective by evaluating what has been discussed and checking for opportunities to improve your next retro meeting. Based on the results of the retrospective, every team should have its own plan to revamp and improve the techniques. There are always opportunities for refinement, even if your team has worked together for a long time A very simple retrospective template... Focus on the positives and negatives as well as any questions the team has about the last sprint. Individually brainstorm answers for each group, then share them back with the team when everyone is finished. Sailboat Retrospective

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Using the sailboat retrospective format, start from the goal to find ways on how to get there. Teams place themselves in the future by imagining that their goal has been reached. By exploring their imaginary past, teams agree how to work together to reach the goal Sailboat Retrospective + Life on Mars Theme. Duplicate Figma template. The Sailboat retro allows a team to think about project impediments, risks, good practices and where the team wants to go. What each item represents. Island — the team's objectives or vision; Rocks — the risks the team might encounte Sailboat Retrospective Template (Click on the template to edit it online) KALM. KALM stands for, Keep (things that you need to keep) Add (things you need to add) More (things that you need more of) Less (things that you need less of) KALM Retrospective Template (Click on the template to edit it online) Find more retrospective techniques here

Sail boat retrospective is quite simple. First, we draw a SailBoat, rocks, clouds and couple of islands like it is shown on the picture on a flip chart. The anchor on the SailBoat is everything that is slowing them down on their journey. The clouds and the wind represent everything that is helping them to reach their goal The 3-column retrospective template. 1. Start the retrospective by gathering data (5-10 minutes) 2. Organize and vote on the ideas (5 minutes) 3. Discuss and assign follow-up actions (30 minutes) Final thoughts & your copy of the template Sailboat Retrospective TemplateThis fun and themed sprint retrospective template is a great way to boost communication and reflect as a team. With this template, you'll focus on:The tropical island - the set sprint goal to achieveThe wind - everything helping to achieve the goalThe sun - all things that make team happy. Sailboat Retrospective: A technique to use in the Scrum. By Mark Summers. Posted 15th Feb 17. In Techniques, Training. I use the sailboat retrospective as an activity to gather information for Sprint Retrospectives, Release Retrospectives or even when I go in as a coach to find out where teams are. It is a fun way to gather opportunities, risks. Issue des méthodes Agiles, la Rétrospective permet de s'améliorer en équipe. Ce template vous propose 5 axes de réflexion autour de votre projet : ce qui fonctionne bien, ce qui est à revoir, ce qu'il faut faire davantage, ce qu'il faut arrêter ou encore commencer à faire ! Ensemble, faites émerger de nouvelles idées, échangez et.

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KALM is a retrospective activity that fosters the conversation about current activities and their perceived value. It helps team members understand each other's perceived value off such practices. Running the activity: Split the canvas into four areas: * Keep - something the team is doing well and whose value you recognize the value * Less - something already being done, but of which you. The Sailboat retrospective looks at the big picture by covering the variety of aspects of a project, allowing the team to provide insights on what helped, slowed them down, and develop an action plan moving forward There are various methods of sprint retrospective are available. Such as start - stop - continue, Glad - Sad - Mad, Sailboat, the 4 L's, and quick retrospective. This PowerPoint template of sprint retrospective features 4 L's technique. It looks at the situation from a factual perspective The anchors & engines retrospective is a great exercise to use when you want to focus on the velocity of your project. This retrospective template aims to identify factors within your team that are blocking or slowing it down, or speeding it up. By keeping this exercise simple, it helps the team focus on what has been slowing them down and.

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Fun Retro is an open source tool based on Node.js that provides a retrospective board. An online version exist also where you can directly use the tool. Fun Retro provides a basic template that you can then customize by adding additional columns or changing the name of them. You can have multiple people involved by simply sharing the url 4Ls Retrospective Template - Online Retrospectives - GroupMap. The 4Ls Retrospective is great tool for agile teams at the end of an iteration to identify opportunities for improvement via four simple questions. READ MORE on www.groupmap.com You could draw a sailboat with the wind, anchor, sun, island and rocks. Your team members will usually add notes or scribbles to each area of the drawing and discuss the feedback over a video call. You could also use a default retrospective template that is incorporated in the whiteboard tool. It's fun, because you can create whatever you want Speed Car Retrospective. The Speed Car - Abyss retrospective is a forward-thinking exercise, created by Paulo Caroli. It is a mix of retrospective and futurespective, which will help your team uncover risks. It's a popular retro template for Scrum Masters and Agile teams that want to find an axis of improvement Here are my top 3 Retrospective formats you can use: ‍ The sailboat. This format is a great substitute for your typical start doing, keep doing, and stop doing type of Retrospective. ‍ Lean coffee. Drinking coffee is not mandatory in this format, but it does provide some extra energy and engagement boost during the session

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Many retrospective formats and activities, such as 4Ls, Sailboat, and Start, Stop, Continue, adapt easily to remote teams. To do so, use videoconferencing and a digital whiteboard. Download free templates for many useful techniques in Free Agile and Scrum Retrospective Templates A scrum retrospective is a type of meeting that companies and organizations will find useful for addressing important issues. In a scrum retrospective, a framework is used so that people can address complex adaptive problems. Then, solutions are posed to these problems in a productive manner. Scrum retrospective ideas can take many forms Retrospective Sailing Game — Agile Teams & Practices Workshop template and guide Put the wind back in the sails of your team, raise the anchors holding you back. Try out the Agile Retrospective Sailing game with your teams today, you'll need something to draw a boat on, some post it notes and pens. Belinda Waldoc