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German words for thanks include Dank, dank ab, dankt ab, dankend, danke ab, bedankt, dank, verdankt, Dank aussprechen and dankt. Find more German words at wordhippo.com Tausend Dank — Thousand thanks. Essentially, this is the German equivalent of the English thanks a million. And no, just because a thousand is less than a million doesn't mean it loses any weight. It's commonly used for informal situations and when you're speaking to good acquaintances. 5. Ich bin dir dankbar — I'm thankful to yo — Thousand thanks! Tausend Dank! is the German equivalent of our Thanks a million! and it is generally used in informal situations like talking to friends or relatives. 6. Danke vielmals! - Many thanks! This is a variation of Vielen Dank! and it can also translate to thanks very much!. While Danke means thanks. There are multiple ways to say thanks in German. Below are two charts of the most common ways of saying thank you. The first chart is informal ways to say thank you (use around friends and people you know), and the second is formal ways to say thank you (for strangers or professional situations)

The phrase really is: Ich sage dir vielen Dank. I say many thanks to you. Where many thanks completes the function of the direct object which is accusative in German. viel means much/a lot and it is an adjective in German, which, in this case, has to be declined with the strong declension. Currently, the custom of declining viel in the. German Translation of thanks | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases Thanks a Million in German - Tausend Dank. In English, you might thank someone deeply by saying thanks a million! In German, the equivalent expression is the slightly more subdued Tausend Dank( a thousand thanks). Perhaps English speakers feel 1000 times more gratitude than Germans? Or maybe Germans are just less prone to. Thanks for contributing an answer to German Language Stack Exchange! Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research! But avoid Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience

thankless. thanking you in anticipation. thanks a lot. thanks a million. thanks awfully. Thanks for. thanks for that. Translate to German. thanks again Many translated example sentences containing thanks - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations

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Vielen Dank is a German phrase to be thankful for . Try to literally translate the German phrase vielen Dank, and you'll get something like many thanks which doesn't convey the depth of the appreciation it implies. It's a heartfelt way to express gratitude in German for a deed that goes above and beyond thanks translate: der Dank, danke. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary

Hello all!Our German word of the day is 'Danke 'Thinking what it means?It means 'Thanks' Wondering how to pronounce it? It's very easy to learn its correc.. The German government's defence bill in 2003 specifies a ceiling of EUR 24.4 billion in the financial budget, which is to be increased by EUR 614 million thanks to efficiency gains and disposals. rheinmetall.or

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This is the most common opening for a German email or letter. It is the equivalent of dear in English. This is only used when addressing female friends or relatives. Lieber, Same as above but used when addressing male friends or relatives. Note, however, that unlike in English, you start the body of the email with a lowercase letter in German thanks to. Thanks to the single market, however, the benefits will be visible everywhere. expand_more Dank des Binnenmarkts aber werden ihre Vorteile überall wahrzunehmen sein. (Laughter) Thanks to the increasing technology, better technology, it will be safe In this lesson we will explore, in increasing complexity, the many ways to express thanks and gratitude in the German language. We will also discern between formal and informal expressions of thanks German Gymnasts Will Wear Whatever They Want, Thanks German court sets trial date for former Nazi guard, aged 100. This is the first and last time I am likely to say this,.

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  1. In English, the phrase thanks a million is a common informal way to express gratitude. The German equivalent is Tausend Dank, which literally translates to a thousand thanks. Apparently, Germans aren't as hyperbolic as English speakers as a thousand thanks in German has the same meaning as a million in English! 3
  2. There are various ways to say thank you in German. Whether you need to write a thank you letter or note in German, are visiting the country and would like to learn a few German words. Below you will find German thank you phrases to help you. Ways To Say Thank You In German. Dankeschön - thank you dankbar - grateful, thankful die Dankbarkeit.
  3. d that there are two forms of addressing another person in German. The formal Sie and the informal Du. In this example Ihnen is the dative case of Sie (both singular and plural)
  4. Danke = Thank you Vielen Dank = Many thanks Besten Dank = Best of thanks (rather formal) Dankeschön = Thanks (Thanks nicely) Schönen Dank = Best of thanks (Nice gratitude - rather formal) Merci vielmal(s) = Thanks a lot (Swiss German) (Ich) D..
  5. German Translation of 'Many Thanks': There are a number of different ways to express gratitude in both English and in German. These way differ in degree and formality

What translates to nothing to thank for is a widely used expression in all German speaking countries. Say it three times fast and you got yourself a nice tongue twister. Keine ursache. While this expression is difficult to translate into English, it is frequently used in German speaking countries Many translated example sentences containing thanks a lot - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations

Just as in English, most expressions of thanks can be made stronger: in Russian, you can simply say спасибо (spah-SEE-bah) to give thanks, or you can give big thanks by saying большое спасибо (bal-SHOYE spah-SEE-bah) And in German, add the adverb schön (meaning well, really or nicely) to danke to make danke schön. The Panzer 38 had a crew of four and carried a Czech 37mm gun (with 90 rounds) and two machine guns, one coaxial and one in the front (with 2550 rounds). 1400 tanks were produced for the German army in 1939-1942 and many variants used its chassis, including the Hetzer, a tank destroyer with a 75mm gun. Panzer 35 (t) in France, 1940

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1. Thank you in English. Aside from saying a basic thank you (obviously), you can also shorten it to thanks or lengthen it to thanks very much or thanks a lot!You might also hear Brits say cheers, though this will confuse Americans, who only like to use cheers when they are having a drink!. 2. Thank you in German. The most common way is Danke schön.This can be shortened to Danke or made. German Translation of thank | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases German Remarks; Thank you: Danke: The simplest expression of thank you in German. Thank you very much: danke sehr/ danke schön: Both phrases are used to place further emphasis on the thanks, but danke sehr is slightly stronger than danke schön. I thank you : Ich danke dir: You can use these two phrases when you want to thank someone. I would lik e to thank you for your quick response and cooperation. loadguard.eu. loadguard.eu. I ch möchte Ihnen für Ihre schnelle Reaktion und gute Zusammenarbeit danken. loadguard.eu. loadguard.eu. An especially big. '. thank you' for your quick response and flexibility How-To Say Thank You in 14 Different Languages: English - Thank you, Thanks. Spanish - Gracias. French - Merci (Thank you very much= Merci Beaucoup) Italian - Grazie. Japanese - (Domo) Arigato (ah-ree-gah'-toh) or written ありがとう. Chinese - do jeh, daw-dyeh. German - Danke sehr. Thai - Khop Khun Mak Kha

German phrases and expressions that will help you navigate during your stay in Germany. — I am just looking, thank you. → This phrase comes in handy when the salesperson is a little too enthusiastic. Das steht mir leider nicht. — Unfortunately, this doesn't look good on me There is a German word bitte used for many things like for example: Pardon — bitte Please— bitte Go ahead — bitte Here you go — bitte Not at all — bitte Same way we have different ways of saying thank you for example: Danke — Thank you Danke sehr. The Old High German which influenced English used dank, which isn't too different from today's danke. The Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, evolved from Latin. This is why you'll notice that many of their respective phrases for gratitude are so similar Knowing how to say thank you in German has certainly come in handy over the years I was travelling throughout Europe. And as for being in France, there is perhaps no nicer way to end an interaction than a simple merci! So if you want to say thank you in different languages, we've got the most popular translations for you.. thanks translations: der Dank, danke. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary

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(It's also very close to German, so if you know German already, you have a huge advantage when learning Dutch). With this in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you can simply say thanks in Dutch. The only difference to the English thanks is that many Dutchies skip the h Korean culture is more polite and formal than most Western cultures. If you plan to travel to Korea, or just want to talk to Korean friends, learning polite words and phrases, such as how to say thank you, is a must. The most common way to say thank you in Korean is 감사합니다 (gam-sa-ham-ni-da). While this phrase is considered polite. How to say thank you in European languages. Now that we've covered the most common languages in the world, let's move on to some common languages by region. So, here are 30 ways to say thank you in different languages of Europe: German: Dahnk-uh (Danke) Turkish: Teh-sheh-coor ed-eh-duhm (Teşekkür ederim) Italian: Gratz-eh (Grazie

Thank You in German. Learning how to say thank you in German will be one of the most important German phrases you learn. The German people will appreciate your efforts to learn their language. Hopefully you will be learning the German language in order to improve lives in some way In German-speaking countries, Erntedankfest is often celebrated on the first Sunday in October, which is usually also the first Sunday following Michaelistag or Michaelmas (29 Sept.), but various locales may give thanks at different times during September and October. This puts the Germanic Thanksgiving closer to Canada's Thanksgiving holiday. Categories: Thanks Communication. If you want to know how to say Thanks for coming in German, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand German better. Here is the translation and the German word for Thanks for coming: Danke fürs Kommen Edit. Thanks for coming in all languages

Translation of Many thanks in German. Many thanks for that information, Mr Wurtz. Vielen Dank, Herr Kollege Wurtz, für diese Information. Many thanks to Gunter Gerhardt for his effort. Vielen dank dafür an Gunter Gerhardt für seine gute Arbeit. Many thanks to M.Giacinta for this offer Browse 242 say thank you in german stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. thank you - say thank you in german stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. China's national flag flies next to the German and the European flag on the occasion of Chinese Premier's visit for talks with the. How to say thanks in German. Danke schön. How to say sorry in German. Entschuldigung. They'll be thanking you! You now have the very basics to be able to reply to a German speaker. Here are a few more useful German greetings and expressions: How to say hi in German. Hallo Pronunciation To get started and have your first basic conversations in German, you're going to need to learn some words! In this post, you'll learn 92 basic German phrases and words that will help you on your travels or just at home. To make it easier for you, I've divided the phrases into different categories. I do not understand!

A German teacher just corrected my letter and added the following note at the end: Danke im Voraus für Ihre Anwort. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Danke im Voraus für Ihre Anwort is literally thanks ahead of time for your reply. Share And very heartfelt thanks in any case. Caption 20, Tierfreund Mario Barth - Der Tätowierer der Stars Play Caption . The more common greeting of Danke schön / danke schön is written as two words, and in most cases is written lower case (except when starting a sentence, of course): Das bestelle ich später, danke schön. I'll order that later. Check 'thank you' translations into Swiss German. Look through examples of thank you translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar

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Conclusion & Answers to How Are You in German: Now, here are some ways you can answer How are You in German. Just as it's important for you to know the questions, you should know how to answer them as well. So, here are some common responses. I'm good, thank you, and you? (formal) Mir geht es gut, danke, und Ihnen? Good, thanks! Gut, danke. 3. Molte grazie is a casual thank you in italian. The Italian phrase, molte grazie, is pretty much what it sounds like. Molte means many, so this is the Italian version of many thanks that you might hear in various languages and is typically employed for informal exchanges. 4. Give a million (or a thousand) thanks with grazie mille Browse 2,079 thank you german stock photos and images available, or search for welcome or thank you spanish to find more great stock photos and pictures. One Label, Frame Of Christmas Decoration, Text Thank You, Snowflakes White Label With English Text Thank You Thank you in German One of the most important things you need to learn is how to say thank you in German , closely followed by excuse me and sorry! After this free audio lesson you'll be able to use these polite German expressions with confidence

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German for emails The opening line: The opening line in a polite German email is Sehr geehrte Frau [last name] or Sehr geehrter Herr [last name], literally translating to most respected Mrs. or Mr. but it sounds less stuffy in German. Note the feminine and masculine endings: geehrte and geehrter The seemingly simple German words Freund (m.) or Freundin (f.) are quite problematic in actual usage for German learners, because a slight mispronunciation or incorrectly used adjective ending can lead to dramatic confusion regarding gender, amount, and degree of romance in the relationship on the part of the listener German Shepherd Dog Gray Border Personalized Note Card. $2.16. 50% Off with code ZAZJUNECARDS. . Dankeschön (Thank you) Card (German) $3.60. 50% Off with code ZAZJUNECARDS. . German Shepherd Puppy Dog Blank Post Card January 11 marks International Thank You Day. From ABBA to ZZ Top, we look at the best songs expressing gratitude and revisit the most common ways to say danke schön in German Thank you note in German. We will be staying in German-speaking Switzerland, and I like to leave a tip in an envelope for the person who cares for our room. Not speaking German, I ventured into a.

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  1. 5. My thanks to you in Finnish - kiitos sinulle It's very important to say thank you in Finnish. If you receive a gift, a free drink at a bar, or if someone helps you change a tire, this phrase can come in handy. Kiitos sinulle means thanks to you, and is commonly used by Finnish people. It's a quirky and more personal.
  2. Cute and Colorful German Shepherd Greeting Card. $3.65. 15% Off with code SUNNYSAVINGZ. . Dachshund Vintage Thank You Greeting Card. $3.45. 15% Off with code SUNNYSAVINGZ. . German Shepherd Thank You Card
  3. How to Say Gratitude in German. Categories: Feelings and Emotions. If you want to know how to say gratitude in German, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand German better. Here is the translation and the German word for gratitude: Dankbarkeit Edit. Gratitude in all languages

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Thanks to modern technology, Langweil's model has now been digitized, allowing visitors to see the Prague of 1837 in the form of an interactive computer model. Kwa sababu ya teknolojia ya kisasa, wageni wanaweza kuona mfano huo wa jiji la Prague katika mwaka wa 1837 uliotengenezwa na Langweil kwenye kompyuta Thanks in German is Dank. But please, get a German-English Dictionary Vielen Dank - ich freue mich auf unsere zukünftige Zusammenarbeit. Commissioner Patten, thank you and congratulations on your speech. Kommissar Patten, vielen Dank und Glückwunsch für Ihre Rede. Fine, thank you, Mrs Banotti. Sehr gut, danke, Frau Banotti. And thank you also for your words The expression to say thank you is in German danke sagen. 2. Vielen Dank (thank you very much/a lot, many thanks) The core of this expression is a noun: (der) Dank. It has no plural. In order to say many (thanks), we add the adjective viel declined in accusative (masculine). This accusative is the same one used in guten Morgen/Tag.

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Contextual translation of thank you my friend into German. Human translations with examples: 0809, mein haus, thank you, my friend, danke shün, flen danke, ein freund German Numbers 1-100 Posted by komo on Mar 24, 2010 in Uncategorized. For language learners new to German, a simple table of numbers can be quite useful! We've created that very thing for you right here. If you are looking to learn German, check out our website at Transparent.com for free resources like German Word of the Day and our German.

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English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. More information Contains translations by TU Chemnitz and Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (German-English). Thank you! Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome Simple Thanks. Here are some short but heartfelt messages of gratitude that could go to someone in just about any profession. Examples. Thanks for doing what you do!. You are appreciated for all you do. Thank you so much.. The work you do is important and so appreciated.. Sending a little heartfelt appreciation your way. Dziękuję (thank you) This is the default, most common way of thanking someone in Polish . Just like thank you in English, it works great in both formal and informal situations. Whether you'd like to say thank you in Polish to your boss, your taxi driver or your friend, dziękuję will always be a safe bet. It's friendly. Rain spat in my face , thanks a lot mate And I lost a tenner on the way Thinking about it , did I. Kate Nash - Navy Taxi Songtext und Lyrics auf golyr.de. www.golyr.de. Navy Taxi Übersetzung Lyrics : Regen fließt in mein Gesicht, vielen Dank Kamerad Und ich habe einen Zehner auf den Weg verloren. Kate Nash - Navy Taxi deutsche Übersetzung.

Thank you for taking the time to explain this. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for being such a great leader. The other team members and I are really inspired by your actions. I truly enjoy being a part of your team. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and others around you German English; Danke: thank, thank you: danke: thank, thanks: Danke: thanks, thanx, thank you, TNX, THX, THANX: Danke für Ihre Bemühungen! Thank you for your efforts! danke gleichfalls: thank you, the same to you: Danke gleichfalls! Thank you, the same to you! Danke im voraus! TIA, Thanks in advance! Danke schön! Thank you very much. Thank you in more than 465 languages. Abenaki, Eastern (Maine USA, Canada) Wliwni ni Abenaki, Eastern (Maine USA, Canada) Wliwni Abenaki, Western (Canada, USA) Wliwni [to more than 1 person] Mahd-lobt Georgian (Georgia) [to more than 1 person] Gmadlobt German (Central Europe) Danke German (Central Europe) Danke schön German (Central. German also has a tendency to dandify its Hellos and Goodbyes. Hallo can become Hallöchen (-chen denoting the diminutive, so a kind of little hello), and Tschüss (bye) often becomes Tschüssi. Both these salutations commonly leave the mouths of beefy German men with a beguilingly fluffy, upward intonation Online sources claim that in Old English thank you had the form þancian to give thanks - a word that originated from Proto-Germanic thankojan (similar to Old Saxon thancon, Old Norse þakka, Danish takke, Old Frisian thankia, German danken - to thank)

This video teaches viewers how to say common phrases in German such as Hello, Please and Thank you! To say Hello, good day in German you would say 'Hallo, guten tag'! The portion of the phrase 'hallo' means Hello in German. Hello, Good morning in German is 'Hallo, guten morgen'. Hello, good evening means 'Hallo, guten abend' in German. 'Gute Nacht' means good night in German Grüß Gott. This expression is used mostly in southern Germany especially Bayern (Bavaria). You can also say Grüß dich to stir up the vibe!. Moin . In northern Germany on the other hand, you will often hear people use the word Moin, which doesn't just mean 'good morning' but can be used at any time of the day or night.. In Hamburg and Bremen, people also like to use the double form. Here is a comprehensive list of how to say thank you in many languages; in 65 different languages and dialects in fact! ENGLISH (AUSTRALIA) - Thanks Mate! PORTUGUESE - obrigado [masculine] / obrigada [feminine] (oh-bree-GAH-doo / oh-bree-GAH-dah) Being able to say thank you in multiple languages is truly invaluable as a traveller

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  1. I only speak a little German. Saying thank you and ending the call . Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe - Thank you very much for your help. Auf wiederhören - Until next time Note: Auf wiederhören is different to Auf wiedersehen because it is specifically designed for telephone use. The hören in wiederhören is the verb 'to hear'. The.
  2. The German consonant ß is pronounced ss. The German vowel combination EI is pronounced like the I in island. By the way, you should also hear REAL German. So, here's a free German audio lesson from GermanPod101 - a popular German learning program. Press play and learn how to introduce yourself
  3. Did you know there are many German words in English that we use? Spruce up your vocabulary with our list of common words of German origin

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The phrase thank you (Děkuji) is perhaps the most important thing to learn in Czech or any other language.Showing gratitude for a simple act, like explaining directions, serving food, help with luggage, is among the most valuable means of connecting with others in a foreign culture Glottal stop is part of the normal German speech, and for example English native speakers have often a problem with it. I don't think it exists in Mandarin, and probably not in Taiwanese dialect. It's kind of an inaudible vocal which separates syllables. The German word Spiegelei (fried egg) is a common example. It should sound like Spie.

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