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Intestinal parasites (worms): Large numbers of worms in the intestine can cause distension of the abdomen, giving a pet a pot-bellied appearance. This is typically seen in kittens since they are more likely to have worms than older cats. Simple treatment with de-worming medication usually cures the problem The most common reason for a young cat to have a large abdomen is a condition called FIP. FIP is a virus that is very serious. It can cause fluid to build up in the abdomen and chest. Unfortunately there is no cure for FIP. Another reason for a big belly in a cat is a tumor in the abdomen, or liver disease Perhaps there's no other ailment that's easier to identify in cats apart from swollen belly. The symptom of the ailment is as its name implies—a bloated and larger-than-normal belly. In medical terms, this is referred to as abdominal distention and it's something that could suddenly develop in your cat A swollen stomach is one of the most obvious symptoms of ascites in cats, but any dramatic shift in appetite, weight, body temperature, excremental function or physical sensitivity during a belly.. Hi. Our 18yr old cat who had previously been very skinny and had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a heart murmer a couple of years ago, suddenly developed a very swollen tummy a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't in pain and was eating, drinking, urinating and defecating appropriately and enjoying sitting in the autumn sunshine right up til.

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Cats usually develop several signs that can tip the pet owner off to a major problem. Until the veterinarian knows just what has caused the bloated stomach, knowing the cat's signs helps the pet owner fill the veterinarian in more accurately: Repeated attempts to vomit or belch Swollen abdomen and stomac The well known disease toxomplasmosis can cause swelling of the abdomen. This disease is usually asymptomatic (no symptoms in the cat). Other symptoms of a cat suffering from toxoplasmosis are: lethargy, loss of appetite, cough, fever, 'visual and neurological signs'. 2 When a cat is 30 days pregnant, it slowly develops a rounded swollen abdomen. It is always easy to spot, and rapidly they do gain weight for a few weeks. If you haven't noticed, then the cat might try to express it by showing their belly Potential causes for a cat or kitten swollen belly include organ enlargement, fluid or a mass in their belly, intestinal parasites and weight gain. In some cases, your veterinarian might be able to identify the cause of your pet's swollen belly through a physical exam alone. In most cases, however, your cat will need to undergo additional testing Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a progressive and often fatal disease that is caused by a coronavirus. In most cases, a coronavirus causes mild, treatable symptoms (respiratory and/or gastroenteritis) in cats. In rare cases, the coronavirus may mutate to a more virulent form which is able to weaken the cat's immune system and spread.

Has anyone's kitten had the swollen belly and not had FIP? He is about 2 1/2 -3 months old. Stray we took in with his sister. Dewormed once. But his large belly is having me concerned it's FIP. No diarrhea. Healthy appetite and good energy. I assume they will deworm him again or want to do a.. You can tell that a stray cat is pregnant by: the slightly enlarged, darkened nipples, a swollen belly, more prominent hips, eating and sleeping more than usual, and, perhaps more tellingly, the 'nesting' instinct becomes more apparent toward the end of pregnancy Also known as abdominal distension, there are several causes of a swollen belly (abdomen) in cats, the swelling may be due to fluid, a tumour, gas, obstruction, worms etc. Depending on the severity of the swelling, breathing may become difficult and you may find your cat becomes lethargic This little stray kitten was found with bad eye infections and a swollen belly. The vet cleaned up mucus from her eyes and treated her eyes well but her bell.. An abscess is a localized infection of the skin. It is generally characterized as a pocket of soft tissue that is filled with pus. They often result from bites or scratches endured during cat fights (e.g., between intact males) or from puncture wounds (from fangs, scratches, or pricks). Cellulitis and Abscess Formatio

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Abdominal Swelling/Bulging Stomach in Cats There are a few different problems that can cause abdominal distension in cats (besides the obvious, such as obesity, overeating, and pregnancy) A cat's swollen belly can be caused by hairballs, an unbalanced diet that leads to long-standing constipation, colonization by parasites or feline infectious peritonitis, which is a serious disease. It is therefore very important to consult a veterinarian when the cat has a swollen belly so that the exact cause can be diagnosed as soon as possible A big belly on your normally sleek kitty does not necessarily mean she's harboring a mass of squatters in her gut. Other medical issues could be at play instead, such as a tumor, weight gain from hypothyroidism or fluid retention. Your cat could also just be overweight if she's eating more than she's exercising A rather unpleasant thought when it comes to abdominal bloating is the possibility of a more sinister medical issue at play. There are a number of organs in your cat's abdomen, all of which can fall prey to a number of medical conditions that can cause swelling, fluid build-up or tumors to cause visible distension

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  1. You can tell a stray cat is pregnant by recognizing the most obvious physical indicators - a swollen belly and darkened nipples. A telltale sign in behavior is that pregnant cats start nesting towards the end of their pregnancies in an effort to find a safe, quiet place to give birth. If possible, the best way to verify if a stray cat is.
  2. An x-ray will confirm the pregnancy. She probably needs worm meds too since she's been stray and eating goodness knows what. Cats have two horns that make up their uterus - one on each side. If one side is larger there may be more kittens developing on that side
  3. Your cat had surgery with anesthesia. Sedation effects can last for 24 hours. Female cat had the uterus and ovaries removed through a small incision in her abdomen. Male cat has 2 incisions; one on each side of the scrotum. Male cats may appear as if they still have testicles. This is normal and the swelling will gradually subside
  4. WARNING. This video is Part 2/2 of the stray cat with a gigantic swollen face. It shows surgical procedures. Viewer discretion is advised. Part 2 shows surgi..
  5. OK, thanks for that. I'll tell you what concerns me most, as it is a potentially life-threatening condition. Male cats can sometimes get a blocked urethra, which means it is impossible for them to pee. This is obviously painful, and leads to a very large bladder, which can sometimes be seen as a swelling in the back of their abdomen

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