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Today, we're going to take it one step further and provide you with 5 tasty drink ideas (virgin, obviously) to serve at your kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo party. Here are 5 great options for the drink menu at your Mexican fiesta: 1. Virgin Margaritas. 2. Virgin Shirley Temples. 3. Blushing Virgin Pina Colada. 4 Popular Drinks for Children in Mexico Commercial bottle sodas such as Coca Cola and Fanta are popular drinks in Mexico and kids also like to drink fruit juices, milk, and hot chocolate. Atole is a mixture of water, toasted ground corn tortillas, and toasted ground corn kernels. Add black corn, ground squash seed, and salt and you have a jocoatole Create this authentic Mexican beverage by blending white rice and almonds together. It's thick and creamy, and the sugar and cinnamon give the drink a sweet, comforting finish. It tastes fantastic as-is, but you can also turn it into a cocktail by adding a splash of rum

Sangrita Fresca (Mexican Sangrita) 1 Sangrita is a favorite Mexican chaser that is traditionally served alongside a shot of tequila. Serve sangrita at your next party, and guests will be talking about it the next day Champurrado is a Mexican non-alcoholic drink that is basically a chocolate-based atole! It's a popular beverage during Mexican holidays such as Day of the Dead and during the Christmas season. Although it can be drunk anytime, champurrados are typically served with churros in the morning Mexican Strawberry Water (Agua de Fresa) Fresh fruit waters, or Aguas de Frutas, made with crushed or blended fruit are a common and popular drink all over Mexico. This recipe is extremely flavorful and refreshing, especially when fresh strawberries are in season, says recipe creator Olivia

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The oldest soft drink was created in the early 1900s by Arturo Mundet who produced a delicious apple cider beverage called Sidral Mundet, Jarritos and Sangria Senorial , three of today's most popular Mexican soft drinks were first produced. Popular Mexican Beverages Brands. Mexican beverages are a great complement to food and are perfect for. Literally translated as fresh water, agua fresca is popular in Mexico and is an alcohol-free blend of water and sugar with fruit, flowers, seeds, or cereals. The most common flavors include hibiscus, tamarind, and horchata, but it can be made with ingredients ranging from mango and strawberry to chia and alfalfa

Agua de Jamaica (aka Hibiscus tea or Jamaican water) is popular at Mexican taquerias. This drink is a sweet, non-alcoholic, and very refreshing drink. It is an infusion that is prepared using the flower of the Jamaican plant, to which magical properties are attributed. Mexicans usually combine this infusion with lemon or ginger Banana Brunch Punch. A cold glass of refreshing punch really brightens a brunch. It's nice to serve a crisp beverage like this that's more spectacular than plain juice. With bananas, orange juice and lemonade, it can add tropical flair to a winter day. —Mary Anne McWhirter, Pearland, Texas. Go to Recipe 20. These 8 Latino Soda Pops Are Latin America s Best. 21. Jarritos Fruit Punch Jarritos Soft Drink Mexican Soda. Top 21 Mexican soft Drinks. .We love multi-purpose kitchen gizmos that make life much easier, to ensure that's why the Instant Pot (a slow cooker, pressure cooker as well as stove-top stand-in, done in one) is a best for fast dishes

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Corn, Ham, and Sweet Pepper Taco Salad. Just-off-the-cob corn is delicious, tossed with sweet red peppers and bits of smoked ham. Surround with taco chips to use instead of a fork. See this recipe A pineapple-ier version of tejuino, tepache (the Mexican pineapple drink) is made from fermented fruit (usually pineapple, but also things like oranges, apples and guavas) and is then mixed with a dash of piloncillo and cinnamon before serving Lime juice. Worcestershire sauce. Salsa or pico de gallo. In a shaker half-filled with ice, add the tequila, tomato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire, and salsa, then shake well. Pour the cocktail in a highball glass rimmed with salt. Squeeze a lime wedge into the drink and drop into the glass Usually hot condiments are served on the table not on the tacos-perfect if your kids are not used to spicy foods. Enchiladas are made of tortillas stuffed with chicken, pork or vegetables and then folded and covered with a tomato and chili sauce. This dish is usually quite mild and an excellent choice of Mexican food for kids. My kids loved this

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The Mexican Ponche is an easy drink to make during this holiday season. Unlike the fruit punches that are used in the United States, this Mexican drink is best served hot. The main ingredients for this drink can vary depending on what region you are in, but the basic ingredients are water, sugar, and cinnamon 4.4 out of 5 stars. 6,545. $22.95. $22. . 95 ($0.36/Count) $21.80 with Subscribe & Save discount. This generous mix of Mexican candy features 90 samples of popular brands from Mexico, including 4 flavors of the ever popular Pulparindo. Yes, some are small bite-size packages, but we liked it Mexican jumping bean relay race: Mix up festive drinks like fizzy lemon soda (lemonade and soda water) and mango smoothies. For dessert, serve sliced tropical fruits with the birthday cake Mexico's many drinks are vivid, enticing, and full of flavor. From steaming hot, thick atoles made of sweet, juicy corn to fruity aguas frescas, Mexican cocktails and drinks are the perfect.

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  1. Altos Reposado Tequila, Beefeater Gin, Absolut Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Gran Gala Liqueur and a splash of Pepsi
  2. It's that time of the year again when we celebrate the Mexican heritage and pride. That inspirational event in Mexican history where they were able to defend Puebla despite the odds, Cinco de Mayo. But enough about history, I'm sure you're getting anxious with what drinks you can do for Cinco de Mayo
  3. Or if you'd prefer a non-alcoholic option among Mexican drinks, agua de Jamaica is a herbal iced tea made from the sepals of the roselle flower. It's a popular drink, and for good reason, as it's delicious, refreshing and also potentially good for you, containing natural compounds that might help lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure
  4. lime zest, superfine sugar, fine sea salt, fresh lime juice, lime and 8 more. Guacamole KitchenAid. garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper, fresh orange juice and 7 more
  5. t, and a little sugar, then top with club soda for a refreshing drink. You can adjust the amount of sugar and rum to taste and experiment with different rum varieties for your ideal mojito. Once you have the recipe down, consider adding fruit for even more fun. 12 of 15

In a large bowl sift the dry ingredients then add Crisco. In a small bowl, beat egg and add milk. Add milk and egg to the flour mixture and stir to make pastry dough. Make into small balls and roll out into small circles. In a skillet heat oil and fry onion and garlic for 1 minute. Add ground beef and cook well Licuado de Nopal (Cactus Smoothie) Servings: 2 drinks. Prep Time: 2 minutes. Total Time: 2 minutes. Course: Breakfast, Drinks. Cuisine: Mexican. Author: Yvette Marquez. Drink this smoothie every morning before you eat anything else. This juice is rich in fiber, helps speed up your metabolism, and helps eliminate grease and toxins Ice cold fruity drinks or non-alcoholic cocktails. Cactus cake . For a quick and easy recipe, use a packet cake mix and make two cakes - one in a 9 x 13-inch oblong tin and another 7 inch round This drink is delightful because it uses fresh fruit to add an extra surprise. Kiwi and watermelon go together like a hand and glove so when you mix the two into a delicious mocktail recipe for kids, you get a refreshing drink that will be a crowd-pleaser Last year, I served water to the kids at Sam's fireman party in fire hydrant cups. The parents were just as tickled as the kids to see them. So, I have seen firsthand the power of fun beverage presentation! This list of 10 great drinks is perfect to serve to kids and adults. Drink in the inspirationenjoy! 1. Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade.

Featured Mexican Food Brands at MexGrocer.com, a nationwide online grocery store for Mexican foods, household products, cooking utensils and cookbooks. Buy your Mexican and Latin American food brands by alphabetical order Tequila Sunrise. Ingredients: 1.75 Parts Tequila, 0.5 Parts Grenadine, 2 Ice Cubes, Crushed ice, fresh Orange Juice. Method: Place the Tequila and orange juice in a cocktail mixer with all the crushed ice and shake thoroughly. Pour mixture into a glass with the ice cubes already in it. Slowly add the grenadine, allowing for it to rise The Mexican drink's a thick hot chocolate made of corn, piloncillos (unrefined whole cane sugar), and chocolate. Despite champurrado's richness, the low amounts of dairy (though some people.

Place the sugar and three cups of milk in a medium-size saucepan with the cinnamon stick. Turn the heat to medium-high and bring to a boil. (Please check the ingredients list below) Once the milk starts boiling, reduce the heat to low. Gently simmer the milk for 10 minutes so that it can be infused with the cinnamon flavor Kahlúa is a coffee -flavored liqueur from Mexico. The drink contains rum, sugar, vanilla bean, and arabica coffee. 4. Horchata. Horchata. Horchata or orxata , is a name given to various plant milk beverages of similar taste and appearance. 5. Mexican Coke. Mexican Coke This Mexican drink is one of the latest drinks that is being made and served. The ingredients that are required for making this drink are one and a half ounce of Tequila, one and a half ounce of Cointreau, one fourth cup fresh lime juice, 7 to 8 slices of cucumber, cayenne pepper, one lime wedge, some kosher salt and ice cubes Warm Winter Drinks for Kids. January 23, 2012. By. Babble. Vanilla hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, and more. Mexican Hot Chocolate. Wintertime means making snow angels, building forts, and throwing epic snowball fights. Even Californians get a little rain, worthy of griping. So to welcome your kids back into the house after a long, cold play.

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Tejuino. Arturo Pe├ a Romano Medina via Getty Images. Tejuino is a super easy-to-make, low alcohol drink that even the kids drink sometimes. It's cold, made from fermented corn and popularly drunk in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is often served with a scoop of shaved ice. 5 Instructions. Combine the rice, cinnamon sticks, and 2 cups of the water in a blender. Blend until the rice and cinnamon sticks are roughly ground up (1 to 2 minutes). Add the 2 remaining cups of water and blend again. Let the rice mixture soak at room temperature at least 8 hours, or overnight Apr 24, 2021 - students are always requesting recipes - here are a few easy and tasty ones. See more ideas about recipes, mexican food recipes, food

I made this punch for our Cinco de Mayo lunch here at our Corporate Office. It received rave reviews and those who indulge in liquor (not a drinker myself) told me they would use this punch to make the non-alcoholic version for the kids and add tequila for the adults! It's a refreshing and not-too-sweet compliment for your favorite Mexican fare or any meal of your choice This list of more than 33 drinks features classic cocktails, traditional Mexican drinks, beer cocktails, and of course a fair share of unique margarita recipes, palomas, martinis and more. There's even a few Cinco de Mayo drinks without tequila and some non-alcoholic options for those who want to celebrate booze-free 10) Cucumber Agua Fresca. This is one of the most refreshing non-alcoholic Mexican drinks and the ingredients that are required for making this drink are one cucumber nicely peeled and cut into long pieces, half cup water, pinch of salt, ice cubes, fresh mint or basil, sugar syrup and one tablespoon of lime juice The kids tried tacos for the... While everyone celebrated Cinco de Mayo on the 5th of May, we spent it in the hospital so we celebrated the next day on the 6th. The kids tried tacos for the..

Instructions. Add uncooked rice, and 2 cups water and cinnamon sticks to your blender and blend until roughly ground. Add the rest of the water and blend for an additional minute. Pour this into a pitcher and refrigerate overnight (or at least 4 hours). Strain the mixture through a mesh strainer and discard chunks Here are over 20 + Easy Mexican Recipes ranging from drinks to appetizers to tacos and everything in between to inspire you as you put together your Cinco de Mayo party menu. They are easy to make and 100% delicious. Yields: 4-6 servings. Prep Time: 15 mins. Cook Time: 15 mins Paloma is the Spanish word for dove. This is a popular tequila cocktail. It's made with a Mexican grapefruit-flavored soft drink such as Fresca or Squirt, tequila blanco, and ice, and served with a wedge of lime. If straight tequila is too strong for you, you'll probably enjoy a refreshing paloma. 04 of 07

International Recipes for Kids. Kids find international recipes are a great way to learn about different cultures. These easy recipes can be followed by kids and are great for school projects. Down Under delights including the Lamington and ANZAC biscuits. Quick and easy recipes from Mexico. Enjoy cooking and eating these Chinese food recipes It's perfect for a kids party or makes a refreshing summer drink for kids or adults 35 mins . Easy . Vegan . Gluten-free . Peach iced tea. 11 ratings 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Beat the heat on summer days with a refreshing glass of peach iced tea. Sure to be a hit with the whole family, you could also make it with raspberrie Here's how to do it. Place water, quartered guavas, diced red apples, diced pears, orange slices, piloncillo or brown sugar, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, dried hibiscus flowers and tamarind pod in a large stockpot. Bring to a boil, lower heat, cover and simmer for at least 30 minutes. Mix together and make sure the piloncillo/brown sugar. Every Hacienda Mexican Restaurant always has the Regular, Strawberry, and Orange Cream Frozen Margaritas. But, we also offer a special flavor (or two) of the week! The current, special flavors of the week for each location are listed below. Drink up! [Updated August 2, 2021] 100 Center - Mishawaka. Pina Colada; Blue Raspberry; Erskine Village.

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Mexican Shredded Chicken. Fish Tacos. Mexican Shredded Beef (and Tacos) Prawn Tacos (Shrimp) Ceviche. Lime Chicken (marinade - great for grilling!) Unforgettable Guac (doubles as dip and dolloping in tacos)- The secret to a great guacamole is starting with a paste made with onion, coriander/cilantro, jalapeño or serrano chilli, and salt Grilled pepper poppers. These zesty peppers from Eat.Drink.Smile blend three cheeses (goat, parm, and cream cheese) in a handy, edible jalapeño for a bite-sized Mexican appetizer. Scrape out most. a cup of orange juice. two-thirds of a cup of grapefruit juice. lemon and lime slices (for garnish) bar salt (for the rim of your glass) Salt the rim of your margarita glass, then toss all of the ingredients (aside from the lemon/lime wedges for garnish) into a blender, along with ice. Blend until thoroughly mixed together, then pour into a. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner — which means it's time to get the fiesta going with the best boozy drinks! Though delicious tacos and other Mexican recipes are obviously a must for.

May 26, 2016 - Explore Karen Nehring's board mexican snacks, followed by 622 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mexican snacks, mexican food recipes, snacks The Dirty Banana - A tropical banana milkshake-like drink with Tia Maria or any coffee-flavored liqueur, rum, milk, and banana. All the ingredients are transferred into a cocktail glass containing a dash of chilled cream. You can also substitute the chilled cream with coconut milk cream or Bailey's Irish cream 14 of 20. Tres Leches Coconut Cupcakes. Coconut milk to this Tres Leches lends a unique, tropical flavor. All you need is one can! Get the recipe from Delish. Delish. 15 of 20. Mexican Hot. Theo June 27, 2021. July 3, 2021. Portulacaria afra (known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, porkbush and spekboom in Afrikaans) is a small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa. These succulents commonly have a reddish stem and leaves that are green, but also a variegated cultivar is often seen in cultivation Horchata- A great traditional milk and rice drink, add some cinnamon to make this more familiar to kids. This easy recipe is a delicious dessert drink to make. Cinco De Mayo Activities For Kids Mexican Music and Dance. If you have friends who know traditional Mexican Dancing, have them dress up and put on a show for the kids

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Long before Netflix and Hulu, lengthy commercial breaks were standard for TV, and to really get you to remember a company or product, many ads included catchy jingles and phrases. Take Nike for example: Just do it. These legendary adverts have made an imprint on American culture and created the most famous food and drink slogans of all time 20 Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids. These quick, low-ingredient cookie recipes are perfect for kids of all ages. Help your mini baker master the basics (everyone needs a good All-Time Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe in their back pocket) or use a cake mix to simplify the process even more (little ones will love these 3-Ingredient Chocolate. 10 AZTEC CALENDAR STONE, WALL DECOR, MEXICAN DECOR, OUTDOOR WALL DECORATIONS FOR PATIO , MEXICAN WALL DECOR, MEXICAN ART WALL DECORATIONS, 4.5 out of 5 stars. 36. $49.99. $49. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 21. FREE Shipping by Amazon Match your servings of Mexico's mouthwatering flavors with attention-grabbing visual treats using our free Mexican restaurant menu templates. 49 templates. Create a blank Mexican Menu. Create blank. Red and Yellow Mexican Menu. Red Green Yellow Mexican Menu. White with Quesadilla and Taco Line Illustration Mexican Menu

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We've pulled together a delicious Mexican feast menu packed with delicious mains, desserts, sides and drinks. Or, for a really special dinner at home, use it to whip up a delicious Mexican feast for the family! We've included some of our favourite Mexican dishes including homemade guacamole, vegetarian bean tacos and Mexican spiced hot. 8535. The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca has banned the sale of sugary drinks and high-calorie snack foods to children - a measure aimed at curbing obesity. The bill to reform the state's. Guidelines recommend that those with diabetes limit consumption to 1 drink or less per day for women and 2 drinks or less per day for men. One drink is considered 5 ounces (0.15 l) of wine, 1 1/2. Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Chicago Mexican restaurants and search by price, location, and more

Kids especially love the multifaceted adventure park in Puerto Vallarta, where they can try out guided snorkeling, delight in parrot encounters, and get away from it all on a nature walk. Adults also love the all-inclusive drinks for the day and the incredible buffet lunch spread for the whole family is included as part of the excursion Step 2. Transfer rice and soaking liquid to the jar of a blender; add desired fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and evaporated milk, if using. Blend on high speed until smooth, about 1 minute; sweeten with honey, if desired. Strain through a sieve into a medium bowl; discard solids. Serve over ice Remove the flesh of one mango and cut into ½ pieces and set aside. Remove the flesh of the other 2 mangoes and blend with 1 cup of water, 1 tbsp. sugar, and the juice from the lime until smooth. Drink Preparation. Pour about a tablespoon of chamoy on the bottom of your glass. Then add ¼ of the blended mango El Pajarete is a party, in a barn early in the mornings when the cows are being milked. It is also the name of the drink that they make out of fresh cow's milk, liquor, chocolate, sugar and instant coffee. My friend took me to one on a Sunday which is the biggest day for them although people drop in every morning at milking time. Pajaro Mangonada are served inside a clear, disposable plastic cup. First chamoy sauce is drizzled inside of the cup to coat it before adding the rest of the ingredients. Then a mango slushy, pieces of fresh mango, lime juice and Tajin chili powder are added to the cup. It's topped with more mango bits and a generous amount of Tajin

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  1. TexasMartini. Create your own from one of the top-shelf or premium tequilas and your choice of Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Patron Citronge. All shook up, not stirred. Served with our jalapeño-stuffed olives. Try our new Mexican Martini, a green chile-infused El Jimador silver tequila and cointreau. The best of both
  2. Blessed Honeycomb Cocktail (dotw-staff) Blitz (pr-drinks) Blitzen's Mexican Egg Nog (dotw-staff) Blonde Ambition (jonashalpren) Blood and Sand (jonashalpren) Blood Martini (dotw-staff) Blood Orange Freeze (jonashalpren) Blood Orange Margarita (jonashalpren) Blood Orange Mochaccino (pr-drinks
  3. Mexico Facts | Geo Superlatives. Mexico has the world's largest Spanish speaking population and Mexico is also the second most populous country in North America - after the USA. The highest peak in Mexico is a volcano. It is called 'Pico de Orizaba' or 'Volcan Citlaltepetl' and is 5,636 m/ 18,491 ft high
  4. LA TROPICA. 1800 Silver and 1800 Coconut Tequilas, fresh orange and pineapple juices, triple sec, Cointreau and grenadine. 12.99. PEPPER'S FROZEN MONSTER MARGARITAS. Served frozen with House Tequila, triple sec and sweet and sour and agave nectar. 26oz Jumbo Served With a Coronita. 16. 36oz Monster Served With a Corona Extra. 20
  5. While today's Mexican food is a hybrid, it still abounds with dishes, ingredients, and techniques that predate European colonization. The state of Oaxaca is one of the best places to see this cuisine. Oaxaca has Mexico's largest indigenous population, and the traditions maintained by its 16 indigenous groups represent a cultural heritage that spans thousands of years
  6. Mexican Kick Ball. This is a traditional game played in Mexican villages and is a great outdoor fiesta game for teams and large groups of kids. The aim is for each team member to kick a ball around an obstacle course and the first team to have all its members fully complete the course is the winner. Set the obstacle course to reflect the age of.
  7. Kids can be picky eaters on their best days, but you're in luck! There are many ways to make dinner easy on yourself. Explore our easy dinner ideas for kids to find a dish they will gobble up without any questions asked. Try a couple of recipes from this lineup of kids meal ideas and ring that dinner bell, delicious is served

How to make the BEST horchata!! This recipe is so easy!! I love me some aquas frescas.. especially HORCHATA! I hope you guys enjoy.. and comment your favorit.. A little more about Mexican food: In the mid 1300's, with the rise of the Aztec Empire came the introduction of new foods and names like chili peppers, honey, salt and chocolate. They also began to domesticate turkey and duck around this time. In the 1500's when Spain invaded Mexico, Spanish foods and their european names started to mix. In a mixing bowl add flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt and sugar. Stir together and add soft butter. Blend together. Slowly add milk until dough forms a ball. If dough is sticky add more cornmeal. On a floured surface roll out dough and cut 3-4 inch circles with a bottom of a glass or biscuit cutter At Fresco's Mexican Food Restaurants our kids menu offers a wide variety of colorful Mexican food and traditional American dishes to fill any kids appetite. Kitchen & Drink Location

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  1. Mexican Dessert Recipes. End your Mexican dinner on a sweet note with tasty desserts like sopapillas, churros and more
  2. Quick and easy Mexican party menu. Go ahead, use your hands to enjoy this great Mexican dinner party featuring Chile and Lime Steak Tortas, a peppery cheese dip, chimichangas, and a frosty Tequila Sunrise. Click ahead for all the recipes — and a songlist to enjoy them by
  3. Is Mexican night at your house limited to nachos and tacos? Time to add in some new flare with these tasty, but still simple ideas that are sure to please a hungry crowd!1. Chicken & Green Chile.
  4. fajita (noun): a Tex-Mex dish of cooked meat slices, onions and peppers rolled up inside a tortilla - The fajitas come with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and grated cheese. flauta (noun): a tortilla filled with meat and cheese and then fried - I'll have the flautas and a beer, please

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  1. About us. Margaritas restaurant is an example of the immigrant dream, which included financial success as well as a chance to go back home and help those left behind. The nine Morales kids, six girls and three boys, slept on mats on the floor of a two bedroom house at their small ranch..
  2. As for the food, there is a variety of traditional Mexican food available at San Angel Inn. Chile relleno, mole poblano, puerco en salsa verde have all found their places on the menu. San Angel Inn Restaurante also offers several signature drinks and margaritas, including Café de Oaxaca, Piña Loca, and the San Angel Inn Margarita
  3. 7 Mexican Sodas You Should Know. 7 Mexican sodas you should know: Sol, Jarritos, Topo Sabores, Lift, Mexican Coke, Mundet, and Sangria Senorial. It should come as no surprise that Mexicans, like those of us north of the border, drink a lot of soda. Most gringos have at the very least heard of Mexican Coke, which is widely available in this.

I think it helps that Mexico also comes pre-packaged with an enticing drinks offer, great food with great drink becomes a great experience. From easy drinking, refreshing beers to complex craft beers and on to distinctive Mexican cocktails and of course, Tequila, there are a wealth of combinations to explore and enjoy 8. Chickpea, Avocado, and Feta Salad. When you're hosting a get-together, you need to get food on the table fast. This recipe is just the thing. Serve up a heart-healthy, filling combination of nutty garbanzo beans, buttery avocado, zesty lime, and salty, tangy feta to get the party started. 9

Salt, chilli powder, lime, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream are then added in abundance. Try making your own elote. 7. Enchiladas. Enchiladas date back to Mayan times, when people in the Valley of Mexico would eat corn tortillas wrapped around small fish. These days both corn and flour tortillas are used and are filled with meat. Vegan recipes for kids can be time-consuming, expensive, and not very kid-friendly. That's why this is the ultimate guide to kid-friendly vegan recipes that even picky eaters will enjoy. Getting kids to eat their vegetables is one of parents' greatest struggles

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Mexican party games are a great way to celebrate the Mexican holidays of Cinco de Mayo and Grito de Dolores (Independence Day) and are also fun to play at children's birthday parties. There are many traditional Mexican games that kids will enjoy, or simply incorporate a Mexican theme into most children's games Create your own Mexican feast. Our barbacoa lamb carnitas make the ideal centrepiece, along with enchiladas, fajitas and tacos. Whip up some sides such as lime and paprika elotes (corn on the cob) and get the Mexican-themed cocktails flowing (think frozen margaritas and mezcal cocktails). Don't forget the guacamole Mexican atole, a hot drink made from corn, comes in a staggering variety of flavors, from sweet to savory, each one more delicious than the next. In this sweet one known as champurrado, the corn-flavored base, made from masa harina, is enriched with dark chocolate and cinnamon for a warming, aromatic beverage that's perfect for winter