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So, for example, if you had 500 points as points sitting in your earnings or whatever else, you can't just withdraw those points to PayPal. They have to already be converted to $5.00 via the commissions widget or premium download- that is the only way. You can't change already existing points into USD, they must be converted when you receive them I do have a rough basis for refunds: Sketch: 90%. Line: 50%. Line and Flat Color: 0% (Unless shading was included in the commission, then 15%) No refunds will be given for completed or nearly completed commissions. The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at anytime, for any reason, and without explanation Convert DA POINTS to REAL MONEY - Tutorial. Download for full view. *hint: DA takes 20% of your money, so make sure you calculate that in the price of what you are selling or consider having them pay you through paypal instead. If you use this feature you should make sure use the 100p = 1$ system when selling your stuff (adoptables, commissions. Some notes: -My commission TOS is here: Adoptable / Commissions TOS -General turn around is a month to two months, but I will be sure to keep you informed of progress. -Complex designs will have a higher price. I will let you know before you pay. -I take PayPal or DA Points only

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  1. What are Deviantart points? Deviantart points are a form of currency on a famous artists website. If you have enough points and you would like to buy through deviantart points, I will need your Deviantart username and will open a payment portal for you on my page. By doing this i can turn the points i receive into money
  2. Yes! I take DeviantArt points too! TOS. 1) You are buying my labor. Meaning, you must respect and be patience as I work through your order slowly and carefully. 2) Yes, you may ask how the progress or May I see the WIP please and I will show WIP of your order
  3. With my program Deviantart Points Generator V1.1 you can generate as many points as you want for any account there is out there! This Video complies with DailyMotion TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart
  4. Commission ToS | Mysite. By commissioning me, you agree to the ToS bellow. I am not responsible if you do not read my terms and conditions and may refuse a refund if any of my ToS is violated. If you have questions, please ask. - Commissions not started are always available for full refunds
  5. And remember, 100 points = 1.00$. Yes I take paypal and points. RULES No NSFW or fetish's of ANY KIND I can do gore just not super heavy I will only start AFTER you pay me I will only take 3 commissions per person
  6. ARTWORK TOS i don't do refunds unless:-i can't do the artwork due to personal problems.-i didn't start working on your commission. i send wips of sketch, lineart and colors but you can ask for wip at anytime! DA-Deviantart PTS- points (currency on deviantart) TH-toyhous

MILK-SHARKS TOS 2021BY COMMISSIONING ME, YOU CONFIRM YOU HAVE READ AND AGREED TO MY TERMS OF SERVICE. Payment is through PayPal via invoice. I do not take Deviantart points as payment. I have the rights to my artwork & may use it for art examples and advertising. I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason using a new drawing application Socials: compiled.social/AmberzArtz +Rules+ 1. Do not Steal my designs 2. Do not Reupload any of my designs or art. 3. If i catch you. ☀ I take Paypal USD (no e-checks) and Deviantart points. ☀ I take payments up front, before I start your commission. ☀ Refunds are only given in the event that I cannot complete your commission Once your Premium Gallery is created with at least one deviation added, it will appear to the public as a blurred icon, and your Premium Gallery will have crown flag. All content uploaded to DeviantArt is subject to our ToS and Etiquette Policy including Premium and Watcher-Only Galleries. Watchers-Only Galleries TOS - BIRTHDAY'S COMMISSIONS. Commissions. By commissioning me, you agree to these terms: Payment is done in DeviantArt points ($1 = 80pts) or USD through Paypal. Full payment must be sent before I begin. If payment is not sent within 3 days, I will cancel the commission under the assumption that you no longer want it

TOS Chibi Headshot Half Body Full Body Order TOS Chibi Headshot Half Body Full Body Order Commission Status: Ask! Art Trade Status: Friends/Mutuals ♔ PAYMENT METHODS  PayPal deviantART points ♔ I WILL DRAW Humans Elves Kemonomimi Any gender Anything humanoid Couples (Gender does not matter). Download the Deviantart Points Generator V1.1 (Updated): Virus scan of the file: With my program Deviantart Points Generator V1.1 you can generate as many points as you want for any account there is out there! This Video complies with DailyMotion TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart. Deviantart owns all of Deviantart TOS COMMISSION PRICES ORDER FORM GALLERY CONTACT UPDATES TERMS OF SERVICE. PAYMENT . I only accept DeviantArt points for now. Do not ask me if you can pay me with any other form of payment. I will ask you to pay before I start the artwork. Please pay me via my DeviantArt profile. Being art scammed is not fun at all, and you will immediately get.

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Terms & Conditions. Payment method: Paypal only. Paypal invoices can also be paid with credit cards. I do not take Deviantart Points or eCheck Post some art. Make sure to display everything that you are going to sell with plenty of examples. Create a set of rules. This is a list of things that you will do, won't do, and other rules for people to follow. Decide how much you want to sell your art for. Your prices should start low, but grow with your popularity

The currency accepted is USD and Deviantart Points when stated. Through paypal, you may choose to send the payment in pure USD, or convert it to BRL, which is my country currency. The points shall only be paid through the commission widget unless stated otherwise. Please, wait for me to set your commission widget before sending the points Make sure to check out my <To-do-List> to stay updated on my Progress; I have the right to refuse your commission without stating the reason! Commission me only if you fully decided to; If the design of your character is very complicated or hard for me to do, I'm allowed to increase the price; Price of the commissions is per character, if you ask for 2 characters then the price will be doubled. With my program Deviantart Password Generator V1.1 you can generate as many passwords as possible for any account there is out there! This Video complies with Vimeo TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart. Deviantart owns all of Deviantart. This is for educational purposes only! What you do with it is up to you

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2500 deviantart points/ 25 USD. TOS:-I have the right to decline a commission if it goes against any of these terms or if it makes me uncomfortable.-You must provide a reference/clear image of the character you would like me to draw.-You may not resell or use my art for commercial use :black_small_square: will delete comments who didn't read my tos (has a 10 min chance to edit their bid before getting deleted) AND ALWAYS CREDIT ME FOR THE DESIGN OF THE ADOPT QWQ (ik i said it twice) and i would be very happy to see arts of design/child u bought from me qwq. pass put any red emoji to ur bid ^^ /custom/coms/offe READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM ME! if you break any of the following, there's a pos - If USD is not available, I can consider taking the equivalent in deviantArt points, or doing the art piece as a trade (either character trade or art trade). Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home Examples / Prices TOS Contact.

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  1. With my program Deviantart Points Generator V1.1 you can generate as many points as you want for any account there is out there! This Video complies with Vimeo TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart
  2. or Outfit/Color Palette. Do NOT resell your Adoptable for more than you bought it unless additional art is included. Payment should be delivered within 1 days of Agreement to Purchase and art will be delivered within 1 day after payment.
  3. tos and rules This page lays out the TOS and rules that apply to the usage of the Frigate Chaser intellectual property. The Frigate Chaser IP is co-owned by Blizz and Ripley, who from here onwards will be referred to collectively as we/us/our

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If paying by DeviantArt points, a commission widget will be set up on my dA profile. COMMISSIONS & CUSTOM DESIGNS. Progress updates are given (Sketch - Color - Half render - Final). Once I got the full payment the sketch will be sent in a few days. I will NOT do refunds unless I haven't already started working on the commissioned piece (DeviantArt users) If you are interested in a point commission, visit my DA page. Your form will be confirmed and accepted/declined upon review within 72 hrs. A temporary commission widget will be created according to your form. Payment is processed through the commission widget on my profile page I accept payments via paypal, bank transfer/depocit (if you live in Mexico), Debit and Credit cards and DeviantArt Points system. I only wait 48 hours for your payment. If I don't recive it in this range of time I will cancel your order. Paypal fee is added to the prices. If you pay with paypa

Process. -My main days to work on commissions are Mondays-Tuesdays. -I give an update after the rough sketch has been completed, the lineart and the final draft. -At the Rough sketch stage update, this is the time to ask to make changes, once moved into lineart and coloring only minor changes can be made. If you end up wanting large changes. Basic Terms of Service The artwork I make and the pricing is for individuals' personal use only. For publishing work (like storybook, games, covers, etc), pricing.

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This Video complies with Blogger TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart. Deviantart owns all of Deviantart. I'll give 50 points or art on deviantart to whoever can help me get into one of my accounts. Just reply to me and we'll talk. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Unknown 5 December 2016 at 06:44. Can you tell me the unzip. payment is upfront in full payment is taken in usd through paypal, or by deviantart points ($1 usd = 100 points) only i live in new zealand, so if you can't send payments outside of your country please keep this in mind! time sensitive commissions must be discussed before payment i require at least a one week notice, two weeks for larger artworks/amount of items in the commission (i will clarify Below there are 4 different tabs you can click on, so make sure to check the other tabs too ⚠️ All 4 tabs contain rules of equal importance. Please read all of them thoroughly! ⚠️ ( Breaking any of the rules can result in temporary to permanent blacklisting. Commission TOS. Posted by Dumihardt - April 30th, 2021. 1. When messaging me about your commission on DeviantART, after accepting your request, I will require a concise description of what you want me to draw and a supplying reference of the subject. 2. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason

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Iowa class by metlesitsfleetyards on DeviantArt. Iowa class starship, based upon a Star Trek XI concept picture Iowa class. Saved by DeviantArt. 12. United Federation Of Planets Star Trek Ships Across The Universe Star Trek Tos Retro Futurism Old School Stars Type Deviantart 1990 / gay / white / she/her / USA Art-only blog for beedalee ☆ I'm also Beedalee-Art on deviantART! For commercial work, please email me: beedaleeart (at) gmail (d0t) com for personal commissions, go here! I often collaborate on art and original projects with my partner of 11 years and local babybear, paintmelikeasunset You can see some art (and couple gpoy of us) on our joint instagram. Deviantart.com is one of the most well-known art-sharing networks on the web. The site features drawings, photos, paintings, and many other forms of art. Joining deviantArt will get your artwork out there by putting it before an audience.. DeviantArt allows you to send text messages, deviations, or print thumbnail via notes. If you want to send a note to a DeviantArt User, you should: Click on their username. Find the Send note button in the top right corner of their profile, next to the Watch button. After a small window appears, type in your message and click Send dA Points (for those on deviantART). $1 = 100 Points. I will create a commission widget just for you. PENDING COMMISSIONS: Commission will not be considered confirmed until payment is received. If payment cannot be made within 14 days, commission will be cancelled to make way for other people

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With my program Deviantart Password Generator V1.1 you can generate as many passwords as possible for any account there is out there! This Video complies with Vimeo TOS. I do not own nor do I claim to own Deviantart. Deviantart owns all of Deviantart. This is for educational purposes only! What you do with it is up to you 1. Submit your artwork to groups. If your deviations aren't being seen, even if you have a fair amount of watchers, submitting your art to a few well-known groups might help your artwork get noticed. A lot of people join and contribute to groups on deviantART, and there's a chance a lot of people will notice what you've submitted if your art is.


The deviantArt Muro is a browser based HTML 5 drawing application. Released back in August 2010 as a celebratory offering for deviantArt's 10th birthday, the Muro serves as an application for use by members. The Muro has a bunch of features such as 20 brushes (some free, others require payment), layers, and different filters DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Saved by DeviantArt. 637. Uss Enterprise Ncc 1701 Star Trek Enterprise Enterprise Ship Star Wars Star Trek Tos Aliens Star Trek Bridge Akira Star Trek Tv Series

I reserve the right to charge you for a complexity fee at any point as needed. I reserve the right to charge you any additional edit fees at any point in the case of many changes or being unable to make up your mind. If you notice after the commission is done a color change is needed; feel free to tell me Paypal (My PP email is the same as the email I provided above) Paypal (My PP email is different from the email I provided above) deviantART Points Submit Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Saved from deviantart.com USS Kusanagi (NCC-65029) Bridge - Mod Akira Class by NewPlanComics on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Apr 27, 2019 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Federation Admiral cover by Adam-Turner on DeviantArt. Created for Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. www.starfleetgames.com Federation Admiral cover. Saved by DeviantArt. 541. Science Fiction Deep Space Nine Starfleet Ships Aliens Starwars Constellations Star Trek Starships Starship Enterprise Star Trek Ships

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Calico's Terms Of Service. -All commissions must be paid in full after receiving the sketch/storyboard. -WIPs will be sent frequently if requested. Refunds will only be given if it has been over a month since my last update or if I cancel the commission early for any reason. -Prices are in DeviantArt points or PayPal ($1 = 125 points for. 100 points = 1 USD. Do not send payment until your commission is accepted! You must pay upfront through paypal invoices or the deviantart commission widget ; I will accept points, however you must wait for me to put a commission widget on my page for you, do not send the points via gift! I will not begin working until the payment has been receive Points and Money accepted. (unless stated otherwise.) Amount may be split in half-points and half-money. (please ask before.) Payment plans are accepted for amounts 150$ and up (the lenght of the plan may vary) When in paymentplan, the JR cannot be sold, traded, swapped or gifted away neither acquiring or drawing art until the payment is finished

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Banned Deviants the forums, starting forum threads, giving badges, joining groups, creating groups, voting on a account for currently banned member, Suspension evasion account, 13 Years old, spammer, Submission of some material, Using someone's account, unacceptable commentary, lewd commentary, User Content, Minimum age Vanishing Point offers computer graphics, galleries, tutorials, free stuff, and a marketplace. We also include 3d models, 3d characters, poser, max, vue, free samples and animators marketplace Accepting Deviantart points and specific gift cards (Eshop, Steam, Amazon Tamiami's Information. $10/ 1,000 Points Back View: +$4/400 points Headshot: +$2/200 points Character in clothing: +$5/500 points BASE PRICE: 8$ (800 Points) +1$ (100 Points) SIMPLE SHADE +4$ (400 Points) HEAVY SHADE +3$ (300 Points) EXTRA CHARACTER (S) +2$-5$ (200 - 500 Points) DEPENDING ON THE SCENE IF YOU WANT ONE > Includes head, neck, shoulders, part of the wing, and maybe a arm or two

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Star Trek Online&#39;s Fleet Galaxy-Class Dreadnought Detailed[Star Trek] The &quot;Abramsverse&quot; isn&#39;t a timeline splitLes images de Tabatha/Martel &gt; Retour au - Tales of SymphoniaImages de Raine - Tales of Symphonia

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+ Currencies such as DeviantArt Points are also accepted (100 points = $1) + E-checks, cryptocurrency, are not accepted. + There is a 24-36 hour waiting period prior to the start of the commission. This reduces stress on myself as the artist and on the commissioner. During this wait period, payment can be made if desired if at any point you wish to change any aspect of your order, do it via deviantart note to peach-water.deviantart.com (you cannot change your order if i have already started) payment paypal (USD) is the only accepted form of payment. payment must be sent within 24 hours (if not, your order will be canceled isfj 6w7 692 & melancholic-phlegmatic. i'm Jason but you can call me Jay or Aiden if you like. i'm a furry digital artist who's most interested in ocs and trading them!! i draw with ibis paint, the occasional ms paint, and animate with flipaclip !! i also enjoy playing games like animal jam and fer.al !! feel free to ask me anything regarding. May 18, 2020 - Hello Everyone Info: SB: $8 USD MI: $1 USD AB: $12 USD Sold to: Rules: ♥ payments only ♥ Payment mu... (CLOSED) Adoptable Outfit- 02

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