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Music from 1971 Trivia Questions & Answers : 1970s Music This category is for questions and answers related to Music from 1971, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Music from 1971 Quizze The acclaimed film 1971 airs on Independent Lens on PBS next Monday, May 18 [check local listings].But first, test yourself on all things 1971, from music to sports, politics to TV, with our new quiz ANSWER 1. Astronauts survive disaster aboard Apollo 13 (1970) 2. Huge amusement park Disney World opens in Florida (1971) 3. Israeli hostages taken at Munich Olympics (1972) 4. The Miami Dolphins finish off a perfect season by winning their first Super Bowl (1973) 5. US President Richard Nixon resigns after the Watergate scandal breaks (1974) 6

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Which husband and wife recording team had a variety show from 1971 to 1974? Answer: Sonny and Cher . Title: 1970s Television Trivia Questions Author: LoveToKnow Subject: 1970s Television Trivia Questions Created Date Music from 1971 Trivia Questions & Answers : Page 6 This category is for questions and answers related to Music from 1971, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Music from 1971 Quizze Can you pick the famous people who were born or died in 1971? Click on Quiz Stats at end to see answers. Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz and compare your score to others. Quiz by MSUKen This trivia set is filled with questions about all kinds of shows from sitcoms to dramas to those classic variety shows. Check out some of the questions. Check out some of the questions. Which variety show ran from 1971-74 and featured comedy sketches and musical productions from a husband and wife recording team

Music from 1971 Trivia Questions & Answers : Page 3 This category is for questions and answers related to Music from 1971, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Music from 1971 Quizze Multiple Choice Trivia Questions and Answers in the form of MCQ are easy to solve and fun printable on various topics, television, and TV show trivia questions with answers, movies, animation, and else. printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice are on. 1971 b) 1973 c) 1975 d) 1977. 31. Who was the only player that won Wimbledon. Music from 1971 Trivia Questions & Answers : Page 2 This category is for questions and answers related to Music from 1971, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Music from 1971 Quizze This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1991. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1990s-themed trivia quiz

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We had a blast putting together the 70s film quiz to test your movie knowledge. Grab a pen and paper and see if you can come up with the film from the questions below. The link to the answers is. Clue. Answer. % Correct. This children's show buries a time capsule in the grounds of BBC Television Centre, due to be opened in 2000. Blue Peter. 81.5%. This politician's proposal to end free school milk for children aged over 7 is backed by a majority of 33 MPs. Margaret Thatcher. 80% 70s Quiz - Ten pub quiz questions all about the 1970s. 1. What did 'Tiswas' stand for? Today is Saturday, watch and smile. 2. Who was Prime Minister of the UK for the longest during the 1970s? Edward Heath. 3. What was the name of the jester in 'Rentaghost'? Timothy Claypole. 4. In which year of the 70s was 'Jaws' released? 1975. 5 10. Question: In the 1971 Olympics, Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to score a perfect score. What country was she representing? 100 Movie Trivia Questions With Answers 101 Fun Facts 20. This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1961. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1960s-themed trivia quiz

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50th Birthday Games, 1971 Anniversary Games, 1971 Birthday Games, 70s Disco Trivia, 1971 Class Reunion Games, Birthday Trivia, Printable TheLondonBoys 5 out of 5 stars (168 1970s Quiz 4. Posted in history quizzes. 1. Name the dam on the river Nile that was completed in 1970? 2. Which English daily newspaper became a tabloid in 1971? 3. Which new tax was first levied in the united kingdom on April 1st 1973? 4 Free Quiz Questions and Answers. Pub Trivia. General Knowledge Quiz.co.uk and Quiz.UK are hosted in Manchester, England and are written for your enjoyment only. All brands and trademarks are respectfully acknowledged This the third quiz in this little series - and it continues straight on from the last - trying to tease out the knowledge you have of the First Double in 1971. So, ten more questions still on the 1970/1 season - and below that the earlier set of questions on that season, but this time with the answers. 1

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  1. ? • Mr. Whiffle • Mr. Whipple • Mr. Whippet 2. Which toy answered user's questions with replies like, It is certain or Reply hazy, try again? • Talking Barbie • Ouija Board • Magic 8 Ball 3
  2. Music Trivia Quiz Questions From the 1970s. Free Fun Printable Trivia Questions And Answers For All Ages including Seniors and Kids Print the Questions What musical instrument's sales escalated from 228,000 in 1950 to 2.3 million in 1971? A: The guitar's
  3. Willy Wonka is a fictional character created by Roald Dahl in his 1964 children's novel ( Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator). The adapted of the character in film began in 2005. This short quiz will test your knowledge of what you know about Willy Wonka
  4. About This Quiz. 1975, the midpoint of the decade of the 70's was indeed a year to remember! These were tumultuous times where the world certainly was changing. 1975 saw the birth of the blockbuster movie, the first of which saw a very hungry shark snapping people in half! It also saw the beginnings of a music form that would rally against the.

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ANSWERS . Q.3. Burt Reynolds starred in the original, and Adam Sander in the remake, of this film that pitted prisoners versus prison guards in a football game. The Replacements. The Waterboy. The Comebacks ***The Longest Yard . Q.4. Set in 1971 Virginia, Denzel Washington is a newly hired as a coach over an integrated football team. Gridiron Gan As a part of Republic Day Celebrations, 2021, an online quiz competition on 1971-Bangladesh Liberation War will be conducted by Ministry of Defence in coordination with MyGov.in during 11th - 22nd January, 2021 in order to create patriotic feeling among youth and masses. The quiz will in bilingual format i.e. in Hindi and English Duration of the [ 100 music quiz questions and answers through the decades Test yourself or family and friends with these questions on music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s... stokesentine #1971warquizquestionsandanswers#1971warquizquestions#1971warquizcompetition#mygovquuzcompetition2021#quizcompetition2021#1971warimportantmcq#mcqon1971war #ed.. Free trivia quiz questions and answers for fun or for pub quizzes. Quiz.co.uk and Quiz.UK and are written for your enjoyment and entertainment! Home. Quiz Categories In 1971 the first British soldier was killed in which British province? 27. Evonne Goolagong from which country won Wimbledon in 1971

We've rounded up 100 general knowledge quiz questions (and answers) that cover all topics from history, geography and food and drink to films, music and science and nature - we've even chucked in. Best List Of Disney Trivia Questions and Answers The Walt Disney Company is a diversified entertainment outfit with millions of fans all over the world. It has been producing family-friendly movies - animated and non-animated, since its inception in 1923 and many of us grew up watching these productions Pop Questions | Music Round. Questions. Which school had a no. 1 with There's No One Quite Like Grandma? Which American answer to Band Aid sang We are the World? Which musical did Lee Marvin's sole hit Wandrin' Star come from? According to 1950s star Kitty Kalen, what do Little Things Mean

50 fun general knowledge questions to use on your next family zoom quiz - Glasgow Live. Pollok Park outdoor cinema to screen Jurassic Park, Lion King and Dirty Dancing. Ditch the car for. Answer. Clue. January 12. This expensive film set in ancient Egypt and starring Elizabeth Taylor was released. January 14. George Wallace became governor of this US state. January 22. France signed the Élysée Treaty, or Treaty of Friendship, with this country. January 31

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Of the ten regular actors (human ones not animals like Arnold) on the show, eight of them were over 40 when the show premiered on September 15, 1965. The oldest actor was Hank Patterson (Fred Ziffel), who was a month shy of turning 77. Eddie Albert (Oliver Wendell Douglas) was the next oldest: age 59 You don't have to be a stylist or designer to handle these fashion quiz questions and answers. We hope it can provide several interesting facts about this important aspect of our life. For more challenges, check out the following quiz or this one for families or this about colours This is the James Bond pub quiz - a themed round featuring 20 fiendishly difficult questions related to her Majesty's finest, agent 007. All questions and answers are below - From RadioTimes. 1. Which comedian and presenter replaced Bruce Forsyth as presenter of 'The Generation Game' in 1978? 2. Which was the highest grossing film of the 70s? 3. In which year was the first of the three 'Godfather' films released? 4. Who held the post of Prime Minister as the 70s began, on 1st January 1970? 5 You get 20 geography trivia questions and 10 seconds to guess the answer! Can you get all the geography trivia questions? Stay home and play with friends and..

Disney World Trivia: how many of these general Disney facts do you know? 1. When did Disney World first open to the public? Answer: Walt Disney died in 1966, five years before Disney World Resort opened. Walt's brother, Roy O. Disney, dedicated the park on October 1st, 1971 MCQ quiz on Python multiple choice questions and answers on Python MCQ questions quiz on Python objectives questions with answer test pdf. Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject

70s music questions for your home pub quiz. RadioTimes.com has a whole round devoted to 70s music to use at your next online gathering - read on for 20 fiendish questions! Answers below. 2. What is Bob Dylan's home town? 3. What was the name of the group that Bob Dylan played in, alongside George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Roy Or? 4. What is the name of the first book Bob Dylan wrote in 1971? 5. How many times had Dylan played on ABC television's Hootenanny show? 6

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We have put together 20 trivia questions all about 2019 - with a bit of music, film and politics in there. It may help you out on your latest family quiz, or it might just be a bit of fun Hard Trivia Questions for Kids. Congratulations, again! You've now made it through our second round of trivia questions for kids. Strap in, because this kids quiz is about to get even harder. Check out our third section for more trivia questions and answers! Trivia Question: What great civilization did Alexander the Great come from? Answer. This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 2011. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 2000s-themed trivia quiz 70 Amazing Trivia and Facts About the Philippines (Part IV) 21. The Bagobos' bizarre beautifying procedure. The Bagobo, one of the largest indigenous groups in the country, require their members who have reached the age of puberty to have their teeth filed and blackened According to Mel Stuart 's book Pure Imagination: The Making of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the reason everything in Willy's office is cut in half was that Stuart couldn't bear the thought of, after having gone through all the whimsical and creative rooms in the factory, ending the movie in an ordinary office

Answer: A. 7. These amazing optical displays are one of the most beautiful sights in nature, and one of the answers to our trivia questions for kids. The colors of the rainbow can be remembered by. Questions and answers for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971). Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people's questions. Chosen answer: The 1971 version of this story focuses on Charlie and the other children finding their tickets, Trivia: In the beginning of the movie,. A chaparral is a place with evergreen shrubland in California and in the north of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. The name comes from the Spanish word chaparro, an evergreen oak shrubland; chaparro is also a bush of Central America and Venezuela, of the family of the Malpighiaceae. 9 of 9 found this interesting. Interesting

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A collection of trivia questions about the Minnesota Vikings. In Week 15 of the 1980 NFL season, the Vikings trailed the Cleveland Browns by a score of 23-9 in the fourth quarter, but won after Vikings QB Tommy Kramer passed for two touchdowns to wide receiver Ahmad Rashad in the last two minutes, including a 46-yard Hail Mary pass caught with one hand on the last play of the game Born out of particularly strange desire for creating trivia questions and winning the coveted quiz crown at the local pub, Trivia Quiz Night is a website set up by a group of friends who are dedicated to the fine art of trivia; and searching for the answers to the most elusive of questions

Four of the actors who appeared on Dark Shadows (1966), also appeared in the Star Trek franchise. Natalie Norwick (stand-in on numerous episodes, and the first of two actors/actresses to appear on Star Trek before Dark Shadows) appeared in a 1966 episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. David Hurst (Justin Collins) appeared in a 1969 episode. When asked this question, Michael Böllner, who played Augustus Gloop, answers, 'It vas dirty, stinking vater.' 23. Before its release, the film received advance publicity though TV commercials offering a Willy Wonka candy factory kit for sending $1.00 and two seals from boxes of Quaker cereals such as King Vitaman, Life and any of. 4. The film was actually financed by the Quaker Oats Company. Director Stuart's 10-year-old daughter asked her dad to adapt the book, and coincidentally, his friend, producer David L. Wolper. 1971 Albums quiz. Average: 7.74. Played: 15045. Don McLean, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones are just some of artists that were successful on the album charts in 1971. How well do you know the most popular albums of 1971 1971 Lyrics Quiz. Play the 1971 Pop Song Lyrics Quiz below. Each question features a song lyric from a pop hit of 1971. Can you name the song title and the artist from the song words? Q1. You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue

1972 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers. Who becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations? A: Kurt Waldheim. Six men rob the safe deposit boxes of what hotel in New York City for at least $4 million? A: The Pierre Hotel. The first scientific what is introduced (price $395)? A: Hand-held calculator (HP-35) Famous Lasts Trivial Trivia is a collection of interesting facts about the last in the series and uncommon information and extraordinary bits of knowledge. www.corsinet.com - Trivia 1971. Running for more than 20 years, the Ed Sullivan Show was the longest running variety show on TV. The first show had been telecast on June 20, 1948 70s Quiz questions with answers. The 70s music quiz, 1970s TV and 1970s movie quiz questions. For those who love The Seventies. 1970s 1980s 1990s Movies & TV Quizzes . Star Wars Quiz Questions with Answers 2 Comments. Star Wars Quiz Questions with Answers. The first film was released in the 70s and was an instant success

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If you remember this iconic headline, you definitely lived through the 1970s. It's a decade that many people remember with rolled eyes: the polyester, the disco, the shag carpeting. And, dear God, the Pet Rocks! But the 1970s were a serious time, too. Much of the turmoil we associate with the 60s — vocal opposition to Vietnam, for example. Learn the answers because they just might end up on Jeopardy! 110 American. Questions. After reading the questions, just put your mouse or cursor over the Answer box and the answer should appear. It is not a link. The answers are embedded. NOTE: IF YOU ARE BLOCKING POP-UP ADS, etc. THIS WILL BLOCK MY ANSWERS FROM SHOWING ALSO Start studying Tajfel et al (1971). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools The Black History Quiz Bowl is a question and answer game of general knowledge and quick recall based on African-American History. Game questions include topics, from history, inventions, famous first, the arts and entertainment,.. February is LGBT History Month! See how much you know about LGBT+ history with our true or false quiz. Answers at the bottom of the page! 1. Sweden was first country in the world to allow transgender people to legally change their sex 2. Some of the world's oldest rock paintings showed two men having sex 3. The World Health Organisation denounced homosexuality as an illness in 1980 4

Nigeria (with almost 196 million people). 7. The Pan-American Highway at 29,800 miles from from Prudhoe Bay in North Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina. 8. Bangkok (according to the Mastercard Cities. 300+ General knowledge questions and answers for your virtual quiz. Be the king or queen of the quiz by using these questions for your big night in..

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Free History quiz questions and answers specially for helping quiz masters to write their own pub quizzes, general trivia facts, curiosity or to help cheat in a Pub Quiz. In which 1971 film did Jane Fonda play a prostitute fearing for her life Answer: Michael Manley. 30) Who was the Prince of Japan? Answer: Prince Naruhito. Politics Quiz Questions Part 3. Politics Quiz 31-50 31) Which soviet leader did Leonid Brezhnev and Alexei Kosygin replace in a Kremlin coup in October 1964

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Join our Newsletter to receive fun activities and special offers!Memory Lane Therapy I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp ( more information ) You can unsubscribe at any tim About This Quiz. The 1970s was a memorable decade for cars, both good and bad. The decade started off in style but soon faced a crisis with an embargo put in place by oil-exporting countries driving up gas prices and reducing supplies around the world. In America, big gas-guzzling cars that struggled to get 10 miles per gallon suddenly fell out.

Pub Quiz Questions HQ. Providing you with the best free UK-focused general knowledge pub quiz questions for use at your next family gathering or Zoom quiz! Our aim at Pub Quiz HQ is to help you become a better quizmaster by providing you with free to access, complete, printable quiz rounds on both specialist topics and general knowledge Jun 6, 2021 - 50th Birthday Party Games, Born in 1971 Games, 1970s Trivia, How Well Do You Know 50 Year Old, Price Is Right,1970s Songs, 1970s Games ----- This is a great set of birthday party games for your favorite 50 year old! Theres Trivia Questions, Name The Song, How Wel History Trivia Questions and Answers. 1. In 1986, the prime minister of which European country was assassinated on his way home from the cinema with his wife? Answer: Sweden (Olof Palme) Sven Olof Joachim Palme served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1969 to 1976 and 1982 to 1986 A punch of funny questions and their funny answers. As humorous as these funny trivia questions and subsequent answers might seem, there is a level of knowledge impeded in them notwithstanding the fact that most people always look out for the comic side of it, which will always get one laughing. Here is a list of 100 funny trivia questions and.

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Answer: Peter Kü rten claimed to have killed two schoolmates before he was 10 years old. Question: By which name were the serial killers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono known before their identities were discovered by police in 1978? Answer: Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono raped, tortured, and killed 10 young women in Los Angeles in 1977-78 What was the nickname of President Duvalier of Haiti, who died in 1971? Questions & Answers Interactive Quiz. Who was the last British Viceroy of India? Lord Louis Mountbatten. Who was the ruler of the USSR from 1917-22? Vladimir Lenin. The Wars of the Roses (1455-85) were fought between which two houses of England Bible Quiz - Printable questions on the Old and New Testaments. Book Quiz - Authors, famous books and fictional characters. Christmas - A printable Christmas quiz. Dingbats - Amazing word puzzles on a ready-to-use A4 sheet. Film Quiz - Famous films, plots, actors and actresses. Food Quiz - A quiz for foodies with some testing culinary questions The best true or false quiz answers. False - Prince William is 1.91m, Prince Harry is 1.86m. True. False - she's won three! She won Best Actress for The Iron Lady in 2012, Best Actress for Sophie.

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PaulsQuiz Free Quiz Questions and Answers - The number one free pub quiz location for high quality well researched Pub Quizzes. Questions are somewhat challenging and have been proven in Irish pubs across Germany and the world Multiple choice questions and answers are one of the best ways to increase knowledge, you are here to increase your knowledge. And you are in the right places. Yes, this article contains a lot of free trivia questions and answers especially prepared for you

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Last Updated on 06/18/2019 by FilipiKnow. The Philippines is known for its pristine beaches, beautiful women, Jose Rizal, and Manny Pacquiao. But hiding beneath its surface are lesser-known facts and trivia even Filipinos may not be aware of The 'Name the Year' Quiz Page Name the Year Quiz Questions and Answers Questions I. Name the year that the pound note was finally withdrawn from circulation? Food rationing in Britain ended when restrictions on the sale and purchase of meat was lifted? Death of Sir Winston Churchill? Blackpool Tower opened for the first time

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Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Quiz Questions with Answers. 1. When was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto president of Pakistan? b) 1971-1973. 2. When was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto born? a) 5 January 1928. 3. Which university in USA did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto attend? c) University of California, Berkeley. 4. Where did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto study law? d) Oxford. 5 Begin Quiz. PPP. The line Houston, we've had a problem was famously uttered aboard what troubled spaceflight? A. Skylab 2. B. Apollo 11. C. Gemini 12. D. Apollo 13. The development of the. The self-care deficit theory was put in place to help nurses understand their patients better. The theory is based on the fact that humans can adapt to their environment. Type your name in the box below and click on the start button to begin the quiz. It is designed to test out how much you understood about the Dorothea Orem`s self-care deficit theory 1971 Songs 1 quiz. Average: 8.59. Played: 28235. Do you know the most popular songs of 1971? Can you pick the correct artist (such as Rod Stewart, John Lennon, John Denver, Marvin Gaye, Carole King and Cher) when you see the title of a famous 1971 song? Play < 1971 Lyrics Previous Who Am I Quiz - Pub Quiz questions and answers - Which famous person is being described? From our huge online collection of complete quizzes. Skip to content. Ready-Made Pub Quiz . Main Menu. As well as writing and starring in a number of sitcoms, I was part of a double act sketch show from 1971 until 1986

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Answer c) October 8 Its primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict. It was officially established on 8 October 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire which honoured India's aviation service during World War II with the prefix Royal He achieved this in 1971 during the Apollo 14 mission. At the time, he was 47 years old. Moon trivia. 17. How many moons are in our Solar System? (Hint: It's over 50.) You can get a PDF with just the trivia questions, just the answers, or with both the trivia questions and answers. Space trivia questions and answers PDF Questions and answers for Columbo (1971). Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people's questions. Questions and answers for Columbo (1971). Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people Trivia. Columbo's first name is never mentioned throughout the series. However in a few episodes, such as Dead Weight,. A comprehensive database of gadget quizzes online, test your knowledge with gadget quiz questions. Our online gadget trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top gadget quizzes A Clockwork Orange (1971) trivia - Movie mistakes. Trivia: The opening scene for A Clockwork Orange is spoofed in the opening for Conker's Bad Fur Day (a game for the Nintendo 64). Both mov and video. Before Burj Khalifa opened in 2010, what was the tallest tower in Dubai? Via Instagram | @dubai.dxb.uae. Emirates Towers. Almas Tower. Burj Al Arab. Dubai World Trade Centre. Almas Tower, or Diamond Tower in Arabic, is located in JLT. At the time of its completion in 2009, it was the 3rd tallest building in the Middle East