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Get a list of all medicines and other products manufactured by Alchemist Chemsynth Pharma Pvt Ltd. 1mg.com helps its user by providing a complete list of product manufacture by Alchemist Chemsynth Pharma Pvt Lt Shop Herbalist & Alchemist superior quality herbal extracts & formulas Welcome Guest. Search: Search . Cart Subtotal Our Products. Our Products. Our Products. Products by Condition. Personalized Support. Products by Type. Formulas A-Z. Single Extracts A-Z. On Sale. Seasonal Highlights + means combination product, both fixed-dose combination (co-formulated) and co-packaged product (i.e. co-blister) [A+B] + C means A and B are in a fixed-dose formulation and C is co-packaged (a) means SRA-approved innovator or SRA-approved generic that has been prequalified based on abbreviated assessmen

Products list. Apikos Pharma has product portfolio which consist of wide range of medicine covering several categories. We provide products which are excellent in quality and available at affordable prices to make it accessible for maximum patients across the country. The manufacturing of products take place in the state-of-art facilities which. PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS *Availability of finished products and API's is subject to patent restrictions in countries where patents are in force. Ampicillin Sodium Injection, powder 250 mg 1 vial + 1 diluent ampoule Anti-Infectives 500 mg 1 vial + 1 diluent ampoule 1 g 1 vial + 1 diluent ampoule. Products List. Download Product List. All Products. Pharma Products. Ophtha Products. Oncology Products. Search by Trade Name. Search by Generic Name. Search by Therapeutic Class ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS PRODUCT CATALOGUE Items covered by valid patents are not offered or supplied for commercial sale. The patent position should be verified by the buyer. ***Products under patent are available for R&D use pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 271(e)(1).*** Cardiovascular system Cardiovascular system Cardiovascular syste

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  1. List of Brand manufactured by SUN PHARMA. 137 Result founds. Brand Name: ONCOTRON INJ. Manufacture Name: SUN PHARMA. Compositions: Mitoxantrone 2mg/ml injection, View Details. Brand Name: GRAMONEG. Manufacture Name: SUN PHARMA. Compositions: Nalidixic acid 500mg tablets, Nalidixic acid 300mg/5ml syrup
  2. Largest selling pharmaceutical products of 2015. Drugs with sales above $5 billion in 2015 included: Rank Drug Trade name Type Main indications Company Sales (USD millions/year) ∆ vs 2014 1 Adalimumab: Humira Biologic Rheumatoid arthritis: AbbVie Inc. 14,012 1,469 2 Ledipasvir/sofosbuvir: Harvon
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Alkermes employees work in the laboratory, in the clinic and in the community, seeking to make a positive impact on the lives of people living with complicated and difficult-to-treat diseases. For many of our employees, this work is also part of their personal mission to help improve outcomes for patients, families and communities Your products Herbal Alchemist CBD (Cannabidiol) Capsules 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, and Herbal Alchemist 300mg Hemp Oil drops are intended for treatment of one or more diseases that are not amenable to.. Fossil Remedies offers High Quality PCD Pharma Products in India. Our quality marketing services make us the No.1 PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. We are available for many pharma product lists in our company. View our Pharmaceutical Products Now

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  1. Our product list includes generics and complex APIs that require isolated manufacturing areas like anti-cancers, peptides, steroids, sex hormones and controlled substances, including poppy-derived opiate raw materials that are primarily used in the manufacture of analgesics, sold as both Narcotic Raw Materials (NRM) and APIs
  2. Product List. Additional information regarding each drug, including labelling, is available by clicking on the products below: Product Name. Strength. Almotriptan Tablets. 6.25 mg. Almotriptan Tablets. 12.5 mg. Amlodipine and Olmesartan Medoxomil Tablets
  3. List of Major Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies in India and their product list. Medications listed for each manufacturer with corresponding Generic name and price details
  4. Anti-Bacterials Product Name Composition Packing Exclav-625 (Alu-Alu) Amoxycillin 500 mg & Clavulanic Acid 125 mg Tab. 1 x 10 Exclav Dry Syp Amoxycillin 200 mg & Clavulanic Acid 28.5 mg Dry Syp. 30 ml Lomox-D Amoxycillin 250 mg & Dicloxacillin 250 mg Cap. 10 x 10 Cuxim-250 (Alu-Alu) Cefuroxime Axetil 250 mg Tab. 5 x [

An alchemist can create three special types of magical items—extracts, bombs, and mutagens. Bombs are explosive splash weapons, and mutagens are transformative elixirs that the alchemist drinks to enhance his physical abilities—both of these are detailed in their own sections below. Extracts are the most varied of the three Adamjee Pharma is the name you have learnt to trust. Our company has grown since it has established on the principles of providing quality and dedication to our customers. The yester years have been evident about our success in the pharmaceuticals market

Mankind Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of prescription medicines in India. Our superior quality medicines are trusted and recommended by both medical experts as well as our customers. With an innovative approach, we are able to provide over a 1000 supreme quality products in 22 forms to preserve our mission of serving humanity. Sr. No Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) for products being imported into the country as a support to ensure the quality of the product being imported. (In some countries the CPP forms part of the dossiers to be submitted to the national . Working document QAS/10.374 page Title: Sun Pharma Api List.pdf Author: Sukhnandan.Singh Created Date: 6/25/2020 4:54:00 P Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited Regd. Off.: Alembic Road, Vadodara - 390 003 CIN: L24230GJ2010PLC061123 Tel. No.:0265-6637000, Email: alembic@alembic.co.in Contact.

PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS LIST quadra.ca. PHARMACEUTICAL DESICCANTS Product Name Trade Name Supplier Packets Sorb-It, Tri-Sorb, 2-in-1 Pak, PharmaKeep Airnov Canisters Sorb-It, Tri-Sorb, 2-in-1 Can, PharmaKeep, Aroma-Can Airnov Cards Dri-Card Airnov. Products list. The product websites presented here are intended for use in the United States, its territories and Puerto Rico only. Other countries may have different regulatory requirements and review practices that may require referencing different information Cardiology. Aspirin™. A pain-reliever that works against headaches as well as acute back, muscle and joint pain. Low-dose Aspirin™ is also used during suspected heart attack to help reduce damage to the heart, and as cornerstone therapy for reducing risk of recurrent CV events, specifically, heart attack and ischemic stroke. Consumer Health US Products By Brand. At Novartis, we reimagine medicine to improve and extend people's lives. This includes discovering and developing breakthrough therapies, providing quality generics and biosimilars, and finding new ways to deliver these treatments to as many people as possible. Products are listed alphabetically by brand name

It is not intended to be used by healthcare professionals or patients for the purpose of prescribing or administering these products. Questions regarding the current content of product labeling should be directed to Akorn's Customer Service department at 800.932.5676 Our Products. We are committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to patients by translating science into highly-innovative medicines. Our R&D efforts are focused on four therapeutic areas: Oncology, Rare Diseases, Neuroscience, and Gastroenterology (GI). We also make targeted R&D investments in Plasma-Derived Therapies and Vaccines 75% Automatic Zoom Actual Size Page Fit Page Width 50% 60% 100% 125% 150% 200% 300% 400%. More Information. Less Information. Close. Enter the password to open this PDF file. Cancel. OK. File name: - Compare Compare This Product Sold out IV Set, 15 Micron Filter, 85″, 15 drops/mL, Y-Site, Non-DEHP, Latex-Free, Vented Spike MeriSet 015 Box 50 # M015 CASE 6 x 5

This site is intended for a global audience Product List Downloadable Product List Products List (Brand Name order) Product List (Therapeutic Class order) About Us. Introduction; Profile; Mission & Vision; Policies; Milestones; MASS PHARMA (PVT) LTD. 17-Km Ferozepur Road, Lahore - Pakistan. Phone: +92 42 35824881-

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Products Kekule's line of products are vast and varied. Covering a wide array of therapeutic areas, our products range from key intermediates for nizatidine to bicalutamide to celecoxib. With a strong emphasis on innovative and efficient process development, our products conform to the highest standards of quality that we have set for ourselves 30065000: Pharmaceutical Goods Specified In Note 4 To This Chapter First-Aid Boxes And Kits. 30066010: Pharmaceutical Goods Specified In Note 4 To This Chapter Chemical Contraceptive Preparations Based On Hormones, Or Other Products Of Heading 2937 Or On Spermicides :Based On Hormones. 30066020 Today, Purdue offers a unique portfolio of medical products in 4 categories: Prescription Opioids. Laxatives. Antiseptics. Dietary Supplements. See the list of Authorized Distributors of Purdue products. Please review Purdue Pharma Returns Goods Policy for Prescription Products


Roxitec 150mg Tab. Safart Tab (80mg /480mg) Safart Tab (40mg /240mg) Safavirin 600mg Tab. Safavirin 200mg Tab. Safcor 2.5mg Tab. Safcor 5mg Tab. Safcor 10mg Tab. Safgo 1mg FDA provides a searchable list of recalled products. Drug recalls are actions taken by a firm to remove a product from the market and may be conducted on a firm's own initiative, by FDA request. Nutraceutical Products list. By staying on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical research and clinical work, the KD Pharma Group is able to anticipate market changes and proactively create solutions for customers and end users. With low MOQ's and a variety of product offerings, nutraceutical customers are able to differentiate themselves in an. Product: Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Therapy Segment: Mild Analgesic. Find out more. Description: Paracetamol is commonly used for the relief of headaches and other minor pains and is a major ingredient in many cold and flu remedies in combination with opioid analgesics JoinHubPharma Company has a particular price list of products on which it offers those products to its distributors. Because of the world-class services, we are considered to be one of the best pharmaproduct exporters from India.Our well-experienced experts & quality services make us the best medicine exporters from India 2020.. Range of products we manufacture are

pharmaceutical product grades available [pdf] in the news Ashland announced on March 4, 2021 that it has completed the expansion of its Viatel bioresorbable polymer manufacturing site and has transferred its R&D activities from Dublin, Ireland, to the National Science Park in Mullingar, Ireland List of ICH Quality Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Industry. Advertisements. Revised ICH ( International Conference on Hormonisation) Quality Guidelines in pharmaceuticals are given below: Q1A (R2) - Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products. Q1A_R2__Guideline Download Lupin currently produces more than 180 affordable generic medications and is the 3rd largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. in terms of prescriptions dispensed. Lupin's generic business is steadfastly committed to quality and reliability, which ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality products to the market Showing 1 - 25 of 56 products available. Formed by the merger of BK Landenburg and Guilini Chemie in 1997,SRL Pharma GmbH is one of Germany's largest chemical production corporations. SRL Pharma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of antacid magnesium and aluminum compounds for the global market Product List Search for products in our database. Filter. Filter. Trade Name Active Ingredient Name; ACULAR® Eye Drops ketorolac trometamol ACZONE® dapsone 7.5% w/w.

International trade in pharmaceutical products has experienced dynamic growth since the adoption of the Pharma Agreement. Imports of finished pharmaceutical products (i.e. medicines packaged for retail sale and medicines in bulk) have grown by almost 14 per cent over the last 20 years, with imports valued at more than US$ 350 billion in 2018 SMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a global player in API manufacturing having a strong research and manufacturing team supported by state of the art facilities. What started off as a single facility - single product manufacturing company in 1990 grew to be a multi-location group having product list spreading across an array of therapeutic segments

Leading pharmaceutical products by sales worldwide in 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars) table column chart. Search: Records: 13 25 50. Product name (Company) Sales in billion U.S. dollars. Humira. Enicar pharmaceutical private limited is a pharmaceutical invention company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharma products since 2000. The vision of the company is to rise as the most innovative, reliable, and clients oriented pharma oral dosage formulation manufacturing company worldwide 20. Sinoveda Canada Inc. 1. Astellas Pharma Canada. Astellas Pharma Inc. is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company that mainly concentrates on the development, acquisition as well as commercialization of brand name. This company has its headquarter in Canada and is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Canada The norms and standards for pharmaceuticals developed by WHO are prepared through a vast global consultative process involving WHO Member States, national regulatory authorities and international agencies; in consultation with the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on the International Pharmacopoeia and Pharmaceutical Preparations, specialists from industry, national institutions, nongovernmental. Intas Pharmaceutical Limited set up in 1984 by Binnish Chudgar was formerly an independent biotechnology company and was known as Intas biopharmaceuticals ltd. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the company is the leading biosimilar product manufacturers in Asia. intas pharma is also one of the top pharma companies in India.. Intas has 13 commercialized biosimilars including Docetaxel and Paclitaxel


  1. Its WHO-GMP-ISO 9001:2015 certified Pharma Franchise company. The company focuses on providing top quality, affordably priced product to its clients and dedicated customer service. Elkos Healthcare Private Limited has a wide PAN India network. We deal in over 1500 products. Your search for Top PCD Pharma Franchise company ends here
  2. PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India - Apikos Pharma is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company having the operation in all over India. The Company is engaged in manufacturer, supplier, trader and distributor quality assured the range of Pharmaceutical Medicines
  3. Taj Pharmaceuticals is number one in the global diagnostics market and is the leading supplier of pharmaceuticals for cancer and a leader in virology and transplantation. As a supplier of products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, the Group contributes on a broad range of fronts to improving people's health.
  4. Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements. Google provides translated versions of our Help Center as a convenience, though they are not meant to change the content of our policies. The English version is the official language we use to enforce our policies. To view this article in a different language, use the language dropdown at the bottom.

Working document QAS/05.143/Rev.1 page 4 • List B contains products for which information has not been given by manufacturers of innovator or market leader products or difficulties in providing the information were encountered because the pharmaceutical products have been marketed for a long time Top Pharmaceuticals & Drugs Stocks in India by Net Sales: Get the List of Top Pharmaceuticals & Drugs Companies in India (BSE) based on Net Sale Vibcare pharma has an extensive product portfolio which will fulfill all your requirements. We offer over 300 Products in 9 Therapeutic Segments 1. Bayshore Pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical Products-Wholesale & Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Consultants Vitamins & Food Supplements. (813) 630-0120. 1202 Tech Blvd Ste 107. Tampa, FL 33619. 2. Romark Laboratories. Pharmaceutical Products-Wholesale & Manufacturers Physicians & Surgeons Pharmacies

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Aurobindo Pharma, commenced Operation in 1986 with a mission to become the most valued partner to the global pharma fraternity by continuously researching, developing and manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products for patients in need.. 22,000+ EMPLOYEES GLOBALLY; 7 R&D CENTRES WITH A TEAM OF 1,600+ PROFESSIONALS; 27 MANUFACTURING FACILITIES WORLDWID Products Matrix Pharma . Showing all 27 results. Home Products. Product categories. Gasteroenterology 8 ; Gynecology 8 ; Orthopedics 7 ; Pediatric 5 ; Probiotcs 6 ; View All Products. A Max ® ₨ 380. Add to cart. Aqua D ® ₨ 365. Add to cart. Bonisa ® 0.5mg ₨ 40,481. Buy Now. The Indian domestic pharmaceutical market contributes to ~2% of the global industry in value and ~10% in volume terms. Here we can see about the list of Pharmaceuticals Company in India. India is the world's largest supplier of generics, accounting for 20% of global exports

Daksh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Daksh Pharma is a marketing based pharmaceutical company with its main focus on making available quality pharmaceutical products at affordable costs to all. Read more Website has been visited 1 times! Quick Link Par Pharmaceutical. Par Pharmaceutical specializes in modified-released oral solid dosage forms as well as non-oral dosage forms, such as nasal sprays, inhalers, patches and other alternative drug delivery platforms. Our focus is on therapeutically equivalent ANDA-based products, and others on a case-by-case basis. Complete List of Products Products. Overview of our products. Information for... Please select. General Use Patients or Carers Health Care Professionals in the US Health Care Professionals outside the US and UK Journalists Jobseekers. Packshot Giotrif®. Products. Giotrif®. Read more * Product In license for local market • Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. L.LC., respects all patent laws and conventions on pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries of the world. SEGMENTS PRODUCT NAME BRAND NAME PHARMACEUTICAL STRENGTH FORM ROW ACTD CTD PRODUCT LIST Azithromycin Dihydrate Zithrova Capsules 250 mg

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united states of america alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 97; switzerland alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 97; serbia alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 97; slovenia alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 97; croatia alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 97; russian federation alkaloid-rus llc + 7495 502 92 9 Products & Services. Beximco Pharma currently produces more than 300 generic medicines which are available in well over 500 different presentations and the broad portfolio encompasses all key therapeutic categories including antibiotics, analgesics, anti-diabetic, respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous system, dermatology, gastrointestinal etc S No. Brand Name Generic Pack Size; ANTIBIOTICS: 1: Acim 250 mg Caps: Azithromycin 250 mg: 10's & 6's: 2: Apimidic Tab. Pipemedic Acid 400mg: 100's: 3: Azure 250mg Ta

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4. The Data Required for Registration of Pharma-ceutical Products In accordance with Ministerial Decree 302/8, the Kuwait Food and Drug Authority (KuFDA) is the head regulatory agent to register pharmaceutical products. In order to initiate the trade and supply of any pharma-ceutical product, the product must be registered i Compare Compare This Product Sold out IV Set, 15 Micron Filter, 85″, 15 drops/mL, Y-Site, Non-DEHP, Latex-Free, Vented Spike MeriSet 015 Box 50 # M015 CASE 6 x 5

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PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Our product portfolio comprises generic niche products spanning a diverse array of therapeutic categories & targeting a wide spectrum of chronic and acute treatments. Our categories cover major therapy segments like oncology, cardiology, nephrology, anesthetics, hematology, CNS and rare disorders. We have commercial operations in five continents. Our orphan dru IMPORTANT NOTE. For patients: if you wish to report an adverse event related to one of our products, please contact your healthcare provider. In addition you can contact us using the webform available here. For healthcare professionals: if you wish to report an adverse event related to one of our products, please follow the current regulatory procedure in force in your country or contact us.

*The brand names listed are not owned by Citron Pharma. Citron Pharma products are generic equivalents to the respective brand names listed on this website. Newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe. Close. Citron Pharma. 2 Tower Center Boulevard, Suite 1101 East Brunswick, NJ 08816-110 List of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies and Organizations around the World. This list comprieses some pharmaceutical regulatory agencies that followed in the world and known for their guidelines to regulate the quality, efficacy and safety in the pharmaceutical field. 1. World Health Organization (WHO) 2 6 Ateco Pharma Egypt Co. 7 AUG Pharma. 8 Chemipharm Pharmaceutical Industries. 9 COPAD Pharma. 10 Dbk Pharma S.A.E. 11 Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., S.A.E. 12 Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals Industries Co S.A.E. (EIPICO) 13 Eva Pharma. 14 Future Pharmaceutical Industries Obstetrics and Gynecology Products Edge Pharma offers a line of obstetrics and gynecology products. Below is the list of standard products Edge makes; however, if your practice requires something else our scientists and pharmacists are available to discuss custom compounded medications as well

Our broad portfolio is the foundation from which we make healthy possible. In the US, our generics portfolio of more than 250 medicines* provides patients with more affordable access to quality medicines. Our growing Specialty Pharma business delivers products that meet important medical needs in central nervous system disorders, parasitic. Checking of raw material (s) used for Batch Manufacturing and records. 1. Check the receipt documents of the materials used for manufacture of the product under investigation: i. Check the Goods-In-Inspection report for physical status of consignment received. ii. Verify if the materials, especially the active ingredient (s) have been received. Robinson Pharma, Inc. is opened for business in 1989. Choose products for us to quote production and serve you best (714) 241-0235 SALES@ROBINSONPHARMA.CO For product inquiries, or to report an adverse event, please call (201) 750-2646: Adverse Events (Option 2) Product Support (Option 3) E-Mail: Complaints@ElitePharma.com If you experience difficulties with a busy network signal when calling, please try your call again or submit your adverse event or product support question to the e-mail address listed above

0223087057. 002/01223161671. info@hppharmagroup.com. hppharma.eg@gmail.com. New Cairo City,1st settlement, Banafseg 5 Villa 59, Cairo, Egyp Showing 1 - 8 of 432 products available. Results Per Page 20 40 80 All. Parchem - fine & specialty chemicals, the leading global supplier of difficult-to-find raw materials, is a proud distributor for LGM Pharma, one of the world's leading suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients, biopharmaceuticals, and more We aim to grow our product portfolio with products that provide convenience and cost savings through the establishment of new industry partnerships. Products Armas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. We are a multi-faceted pharmaceutical corporation that focuses on our strong partnerships to help expand an ever-growing portfolio of high-quality products

Excel list of the 150 biggest Pharmaceutical companies in Germany; Includes: revenues (2015-2018), number of employees, contact details, executives Download of the Excel file valid indefinitely, free updates within one year after purchase, free preview file available Last update: 14.05.202 Pharmabiz.com - India's most comprehensive online pharma news service. It provides updates on Indian pharma industry, allied sectors like hospitals & diagnostic services,pharma tenders, pharma projects, pharma export & import, pharma laws & documents, pharma policies, pharma events, pharma company profiles, pharma studies, pharma marketin

Browse through the business catalogs of manufacturers, suppliers, companies, distributors, wholesalers, exporters and importers in pharmaceutical industry. Sourcing and procurement in pharmaceutical industry on PharmaSources.com Avicel® PH MCC is most often used in tableting as a compression aid, flow aid, and filler for directly compressed tablets. Avicel® PH is an ideal wet granulation binder which rapidly produces robust granules that remain stable in high shear environments, enabling broad processing windows and maximizing batch to batch reproducibility Midas Pharma offers intermediates, drug substances and drug products, as well as licensing opportunities of drug product developments. Discover our products List Of Pharmaceutical Industries in Lahore, PakistanApril 5, 2014 Remdesivir, A New Hope to Treat COVID-19 October 27, 2020 View of Public about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Pakistan June 24, 202 API. Famotidine USP / Ph. Eur / JP. Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydrate US/Ph. Eur. Some of the products may have patent rights in one or more countries and any such product having an existing patent will not be offered/sold for commercial requirements. The final responsibility with respect to third party patent rights lies exclusively with the.

Pharmaceutical Products. Exela ® manufactures and supplies sterile pharmaceutical products that are injected straight into the bloodstream or instilled directly onto the eye. Quality is built into each product from the ground up, including the procurement of raw materials and components, to the training of our employees, to the manufacturing. Murli Divi founded this pharma company in the year 1990. Being the youngest firms in the pharmaceutical industry, it leads the list. It exports high-quality products in more than 95 countries globally. The firm manufacturer's Nutraceutical Ingredients, Generic APIs, offers Custom Synthesis of APIs to Big Pharma companies List Of Pharmaceutical Companies in Canada. 1. Johnson & Johnson/Actelion Pharmaceuticals: Total sales are in excess of 3.22 billion dollars, market share in Canada is 11.70. 2. Novartis Pharmaceuticals: Total sales 1.39 billion dollars, and market share is 5.10 percent of the total volume of the Canadian market Camrut Pharma is a leading pcd pharmaceutical company in India. We are manufacturers and suppliers of finished pharmaceutical medicines since last 14 years all over India. We have a wide range of product portfolio consisting of tablets, capsules, injectable, syrups, ointments, eye, ear and nasal drops. Our products are manufactured at one of. Aelicure Pharma About. Aelicure Pharma is a Nutraceutical company and also deal in pharmaceutical and surgicals products, and engaged in development and manufacturing of quality finished products for domestic and international markets.It is Established in 2013 at Ahmadabad, in Gujarat, India Third-party Manufacturing Pharma is a concept wherein a manufacturer becomes a service provider and he utilizes his resources like man and machine to manufacture the brands trademarked in the name of a marketing company, on the brand it is printed as a manufacturer by the manufacturer name and address and marketed by marketing company name and address. Get the best list of Third Party.