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  1. g your estimations in the field while hunting. However, you can do two things to greatly improve your odds at estimating the buck's score correctly. You can practice field scoring pictures or.
  2. Plan B produces 160-class buck for Tensas NWR lottery hunter. Frank Coyne and two of his sons have made the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge lottery rifle hunt a tradition during the past several.
  3. You can contract for a 160 class buck (160 to 170 gross B&C), with a preference for high 160s to low 170s, but no contracts for a buck that will definitely score over 170 gross B&C. Trophies will be priced solely on the B&C Gross score of your harvested buck as measured by our Wildlife Biologist and not the field estimate from your guide
  4. This monster 8 point buck scored a whopping 160 Boone & Crockett and dressed weight was 190! A huge 8 point!

Whether you're looking to hunt a management deer or a true Texas whitetail giant, look no further! Our specialty at 5 Star Outfitters is hunting 150 B&C to 200+ class whitetails. Our Texas whitetail ranch has been expertly managed and have some of the best genetics you will find in a Texas Hunting ranch The second, larger buck has symmetric 2-3″ brow tines. Keep in mind that there are mule deer areas where, genetically, it is common for no browtines or weak browtines, even for big mature deer. At this point, you have three metrics that you can solely use to determine if a buck is a mature, 160″+ deer, in 95% of cases 160-179 Class Take a nice buck that will look great on the wall. 160-179 Class Take a nice buck that will look great on the wall. Our Property Price Guide Trophy Room Available Hunts. 0-159 Class 160-179 Class 180 - 199 Class 200-219 Class. Stans arrowed a trophy buck on November 1, 2009, that he thought might be the monster 8-pointer, but it proved to be a smaller, younger deer. The buck he tagged was 4 1/2 years old and the antlers grossed 160 6/8 and netted 143. Matt thinks the buck he tagged is related to the monster 8-point

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He was a clean 160-class 6X6 that year. That's when I named him Mel, because I thought, if he keeps making jumps like that, he could threaten Mel Johnson's world-record Pope and Young typical. Scott Thomas said he misses having a deer called Top Hat around, though the tall and thick 160-inch 9-point buck is already hanging on his wall at his home in Madison Let me go through my system for field judging a buck. You can start by using the ears and a few other simple rules to help determine if the buck is a 160, 170 or 180-class gross buck. This is my Rack Bracketing System for field judging a gross rack score The rack tallied an official net score of 190 2/8 inches as a typical, likely enough to rank second all-time in Ohio for P&Y typicals. The current Ohio typical P&Y record buck tops 198 inches. What makes this buck's rack so unique is how large, massive and clean his 10-point frame is. There are only two tiny kickers on the entire rack Gary's 160 class Whitetail Buck 2006: 160 green score, 153 dry score. Harvested during Resident Rifle Deer Hunting Season in Northwestern Ontario Canada. 15 point Whitetail Deer harvested by Paul Freeman during rifle hunting season in 2007

Whitetail Pricing. Our 5 Star Trophy Whitetail Low Fence Hunt includes (1) trophy deer, (1-2) doe. The total cost of this hunt is $3,750.00. Hunt is fully accommodated with the following amenities: lodging,food (open bar), digital photos of your trophies, care of game, and transportation to and from local airport to limit buck harvest and increase buck survival, such as property buck harvest limits, hunter buck harvest limits, hunter education, doe hunting emphasis, doe harvest requirement r whitetail 160 170 r Coues' 100 110 Detail of Point Measurement Figure 1 160 Ten Point This sneaky buck appeared out of no where before this proud hunter was able to put him down and put an exclamation point on his Kansas Rifle Deer hunt. PREV NEX


160+ Bucks Archery Deer Combo Deer/Elk Combo Deer/Antelope Combo Black Bear Hiking = None to Easier Hunting Leases Voucher Hunts Whitetail Deer Hunting Iowa Missouri Nebraska Ohio Pennsylvania South Dakota Texas Wyoming 140+ Bucks Combo Whitetail/Antelope Combo Whitetail/Hogs Hunting Lease Hunt that starts out all wrong ends with 160-class WMA tropy buck January 5, 2012 Alan Clemons Deer of the Year , Featured Story MS-Sportsman.com user Jeffrey Byrd killed this buck, which scored more than 167 inches Boone & Crockett while hunting Sky Lake WMA on Dec. 1 9 1/2: For the first time since he was 4 1/2, the buck was more than a 4x5. He sported a clean, 160-inch 5x5 set of antlers. Soon after, age began to take its toll on the majestic buck. His fur started showing some of the battle scars from years of fighting, and his estimated body weight barely eclipsed 225 pounds Yes I yelled, as we walked up to the whitetail giant, and I was looking at another 160-class buck. What the heck were you shooting at, and where is the giant? Then I looked to my left, and there is another dead whitetail deer. Walking up to this whitetail, and I knew it was him. Holy crap, it was the biggest whitetail deer either of us has ever. The same 160-class buck that is valued at $6,440 in Ohio would cost poachers between $10,000 and $20,000 in Iowa, but if the offenders agree to perform 80 hours of community service, the restitution penalty is cut in half. Montana says that anyone poaching a whitetail deer that scores greater than 140 inches must pay an $8,000 penalty

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34. huntid73 said: View attachment 72809. This buck scored around 147 due to the crabbed fork in the back, would have been 169 had the back forks been more symmetrical. Crabby forks drive the score down greatly. Just a note, he was only 24 wide, but was I think 22-23 tall, so symmetry helps But in 2015, he got a picture of a 130-class buck that he estimated to be 3 years old. Right out of the gate, he seemed camera-shy, Majors says. Every picture we got of him, even as a 3.

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06-Apr-11. I'm just 1 animal away from finishing my Colorado Archery Big 8. A Mule deer buck will be a nice finish to this goal I set some years ago. I'd really like to see as many pictures of 170+ mule deer to get my mind right for field judging. Let's see 'em Swayze Bozeman arrows 160-class buck November 16, 2011 Rob Hays Deer of the Year , Featured Story Thirteen-year-old Swayze Bozeman killed this huge buck, which has tentatively scored at 161 inches Pope & Young, while bow hunting in Madison County on Oct. 29 Filmed in New Mexico back in 2001, this footage shows a bold mountain lion attacking a big mule deer buck. The narrator estimates the buck weighs 265 pounds and places the mountain lion in at around 150 pounds. It's middleweight vs. heavyweight, but that doesn't deter the mountain lion. He's hungry and ready to fight to the death for a meal Mobility Yields 160-Class Louisiana Buck! - Thursday November 15, 2012 - DDH Staff. Chris Otwell of Louisiana used a combination of impatience, hunting skills and his crossbow to take a magnificent 160-class Louisiana slammer this week Typical whitetail deer scoring 160 points. Typical 5x5 frame. Inside spread just over 21 inches. Not lacking in anything: mass, point lengths, or long beams. This is a great 5x5 buck that has deductions totalling over 10 points. Notice the abnormal points on the bases and a small deduction for symmetry in the G-2s

Every year, we produce trophy bucks in the 150-160 class, and each year lucky hunters harvest trophies even bigger, up to 185 so far. And with our management disciplines in place, each year the potential for bigger and bigger whitetail grows Up to: 150 Class: $3,500. or up to 160 Class: $4,000. Trophy Hunts. These hunts are for bucks up to 180 B&C. This inclusive package includes three days of hunting, three nights stay, all meals, a one-on-one guide service and transportation to and from the Cheboygan or Pellston Airports. 161 - 170 Class: $6,000 Husband gives wife permission to down 160-class buck January 19, 2012 Glynn Harris Deer of the Year Big Ouachita Parish deer features 10 points, leads Simmons Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest's. 160-169″ class mature buck $1,500 170-179″ class mature buck $2,000. Management Hunt $2,500 (1) Management Whitetail Buck (Mature 130 or less) (2) Doe. Meat Hunt $1,500 (2) Doe. No additional fees for Skinning, Quartering, Caping, or Ice. As we always try to provide you with the best hunting experience available and your guide will. 3 day hunt 160-169 Class Whitetail $6,000 now $5,500 3 day hunt 170-179 Class Whitetail $7,000 now $6,500 3 day hunt 180-189 Class Whitetail $8,000 now $7,50

This massive buck taken by Jerry Simkins in 2001 stretches the tape to 160 class proportions. A true trophy by ANYONES standards. Return To Photo Pag Joined Jun 26, 2006. ·. 42,851 Posts. #12 · Aug 4, 2009. Trouthunter said: Not a 150 but here's a 228 that TXPalerider shot with his bow at 55 yards on a low fenced 80 acre tract near Hillje, Texas. In fact he only had to carry it about 300 yards to Prasek's back door At just 2½ years old, Mel was already a 160-class 12-pointer. Don Higgins While that first rack was promising, even Higgins wasn't prepared for the buck's next set of antlers The OP wants pictures of 140 class deer, some listed have been, some have not. To be educational, it needs to be accurate. I dont think it would be fair to the OP to see pictures of 130-135 class deer being listed as 145, and go shoot one thinking its a 145, because of bad information

IDO » Community » Forums » Hunting Forums » Deer Hunting » GMAN's 13 Point 160″ Class Buck. GMAN's 13 Point 160″ Class Buck. jason_ramthun. Participant. Byron MN. Posts: 3,382. December 1, 2006 at 1:24 pm #505650. Quote Grace Shively, 14, with her first deer kill ever, a 160-inch Kansas buck. Clayton Shively is a proud father of four children, and all of them enjoy deer hunting. His youngest, Clay (8), shot a 120-inch 9-pointer early this season. That left only Grace (14) without her first deer Every whitetail hunter dreams of putting their tag on a trophy-class buck, and if you judge by numbers, can you confidently score the animal on the hoof?. I recently hunted with Tall Tine Outfitters in Kansas, where owner and operator Ted Jaycox has been managing the land and deer for over two decades. Kansas is well known for big whitetails, but to reach full potential, animals need to be.

Gary's 160 class (green score) Whitetail Buck 2006. Gary's 160 class (green score) Whitetail Buck 2006. Printer-friendly version; See Our Specials. Download Our Rates. View Our Photos. Bird Watching. Harris Hill Resort - Lake of the Woods for your vacationing pleasure in Sunset Country Until 2009, ITB's biggest 200 class deer was a buck that scored 232 and was taken by one of our clients in 2001. That record stood for many years. However, that record would be broken in 2009 when an even bigger buck was taken. A 200 inch whitetail that gross scored 239 and had TRIPLE DROP TINES! This new ITB record was featured in the. Typical 180 inch 10 point whitetail buck harvested on the last evening of the hunter's hunting trip to North Dakota. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting trips, trophy deer, typical whitetail bucks, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer. Advanced Search

Our 4 bed hunting camp with provided meals will accommodate your group and allow you to focus on the game. Reserve Your Trip. Meet Our Deer. Ranch & Retreat. Come to our 320 acre high fenced ranch in Live Oak County to hunt the finest quality whitetail deer in the third season our property has been offered to outside hunting groups. Book. Samantha (9yrs. old) brings down this awesome management buck, her first Texas whitetail ever! Don with a gorgeous 169 Whitetail Deer. Dean didn't stop with the texas whitetail deer, he also harvests the 330 Red Stag! Daniel scores his second Pear Tree Trophy with this 160 class Texas Whitetail Deer BuckScore® Field Scoring Deer Quiz. Test your ability at field scoring whitetails by taking the BuckScore® field scoring deer quiz. You will watch a quick video encounter with a buck and be given 4 multiple choice options of scores. There are 10 bucks to score with a time limit of 10 minutes for the entire quiz

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180-Class Whitetail Buck. Prev Next. Prev Next. Whitetail hunter with his main frame 10 point buck scoring in the mid 180s inches. The antlers have flier points coming off the tall tines. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting ranch, trophy deer, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer Re: Is This a 170 Class Buck? Post by MuleyMadness » Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:03 am I think your guess is pretty close, I think he goes right near 170 or high 160's *MASSIVE* 160 CLASS OKLAHOMA WHITETAIL DEER RACK HORNS ANTLERS TAXIDERMY skull. Item Information. Condition: Used. Price: US $195.00. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+

Field judging whitetail deer or scoring on the hoof is a requirement for every whitetail hunter who wishes to harvest a record book animal without making a mistake and shooting a buck that is simply too small. We feel it is our job as a whitetail outfitting service to educate our hunters and the general public in regard to scoring whitetail deer If a buck is a good healthy 3 1/2- or 4 1/2-year-old whitetail, I use a Wimpy's rule score of 90 inches, then add in the tine lengths. Since it is so hard to see brow tines, I use an average length of 4 inches for them. I score for Pope & Young and have found by looking over my score charts that Wimpy's Rule is a very accurate way of. Youth hunter passed on 160-class buck. Superstar or not, Blade Runner could only get so much protection. Disease, injuries and encounters with vehicles can all be fatal Whitetail Deer Hunting - Mountain Lion Attacks Mature 160 Class Mule Deer - Got to share this for anyone who has not seen it. I watched it severa

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Details about *MASSIVE* 160 CLASS OKLAHOMA WHITETAIL DEER RACK HORNS ANTLERS TAXIDERMY skull See original listing *MASSIVE* 160 CLASS OKLAHOMA WHITETAIL DEER RACK HORNS ANTLERS TAXIDERMY skull: Condition: Used. Ended: May 25, 2021. Price: US $195.00. Best offer accepted . This item was listed in the fixed price format with a Best Offer option.. Brimeyer was driving home from school at around 2:30 p.m. when he spotted a 160-class 10-pointer pushing a yearling buck across a CRP field on his family's land in Dubuque County, Iowa If the buck is an 8-pointer and doesn't have a fourth tine jutting off the main beam, take the measurement halfway between the middle of the third point and the tip of the antler. (5) Add all the. These tips will help you know what to look for when field judging bucks. Use these tips to help you field score or just get an approximate estimate of the size class a buck is in, i.e. 150″ class, or 170″ class etc. This information can be used as a decision tool to decide if you should spend the time and energy chasing a buck

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*MASSIVE* 160 CLASS OKLAHOMA WHITETAIL DEER RACK Ebay.com DA: 12 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 76 *MASSIVE* 160 CLASS OKLAHOMA WHITETAIL DEER RACK HORNS ANTLERS TAXIDERMY skull; No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+ BUCKLOS US-Stock 140mm 160mm 180mm 203mm MTB Disc Brake Rotor with 6 Bolts, Bicycle Rotors fit Mountain Bike Road Bikes,BMX, MTB Opposite Hole Distance 44m Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pintrest; YouTube; MENU MENU. FISHING. Articles. News; Bass Fishing; Freshwater Fishin Nine-year-old drops 160-class Concordia Parish monster January 23, 2012 Glynn Harris Deer of the Year Huge deer had only been seen on nighttime trail-cam photos before stepping out Some hunters had chances at 160 to 180 class bucks in the first two days while others tagged out in four to six days. Late season showed us some 160 class bucks that were busted up from fighting so we gave them a pass until next year. Worst case scenario is a 75% success rate on 140 class bucks on up

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How many 160-class bucks do you think can be killed off one piece of property even if it is 60,000 acres. So, for the cost of one Canadian hunt, including travel, license, hunt and tips plus shipping home etc., you can hunt much more comfortable temperatures for less money and have as good or better chances Bryan Loyd's trophy hunting attitude began when he was 16 years old when he shot a 190-class buck. That mentality led to a 200-class buck he bagged in 2003, a 170-class buck in 2013 and the trophy he bagged on the last day of the 2017 firearms deer season last year Flexibility each job requires with the performance and productivity you expect. Buy buckets, blades, adapters and other machine attachments for your specific application. Cat Reman parts offer the same quality as new Cat parts, at a fraction of the cost. Buy the parts you need to get the job done 10) Region-H: This hunt barely makes the list but could offer up a good hunt for a bigger, older age class buck that managed to survive the rough winter of three years ago. This region is rough, rugged and remote but also has a solid reputation for big deer that is hard to overlook on any given year

BuckScore® Field Scoring Quiz. Email Adress. 1. What do you estimate this buck's score at? 115-125. 121-125. 126 - 130. 131-135 Gross B&C Score: Price: Less than 110: $1250: 110-125: $1500: 126-159: $1500 plus $100/inch above 125: 160+ Priced upon request: Sub-management bucks: $700: Does: $12 Instructors may assign pre-class homework from the WCTEP student manual and the supplemental educational materials. Unit 1 [PDF] Unit 2 [PDF] Unit 3 [PDF] Students taking an in-person trapper education class will receive a hard copy of the student manual during class. Supplemental materials Whitetail Deer Hunts on Hunting Ranch in Texas. Possibility to harvest a 160 and above class Boone and Crockett. A wounded deer is considered a kill. Every effort will be made to find it. This is a hunt, not a guaranteed hunt. Hunt packages are non-refundable

A trophy axis is usually 6+ years old, weighs 160 to 210lbs with 6 points and 28+ inch beams. Our trophies are divided into 3 categories, which closely coincide with S.C.I. scoring. Level l: 135-145. These deer typically have 28-31 inch beams, 8-10 inch brows and 5-8 inch caudals, and are our most common trophy size Brushy Hill bow hunters have harvested numerous 150 and 160-class Pope & Young bucks over the past 15 years. The ranch record currently stands at 168 1/8 P&Y. Approximately 50 miles of ranch roads are grained daily, all year long, and there are over 50 deer feeders (running year-round) on the ranch Browse 4,155 white tailed deer stock photos and images available, or search for white tailed deer buck to find more great stock photos and pictures. whitetail buck - white tailed deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. whitetail bucks - white tailed deer stock illustrations Me and my wife went hunting on Saturday Sept, 19 in hopes of getting the big buck we had been seeing on our deer camera for weeks. And that afternoon about 6:15 we seen him heading towards the corn pile. So I got my crossbow up and ready and waited for him to give me a good shot. At 6:23 he made his way to the corn pile and gave me the opportunity to make the perfect shot and he ran about 40. Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Average Size Length: about 3 ft. Height: about 3 ft. at the shoulder Weight: buck 100-200+ lbs; doe 80-160 lbs. Food Green leaves, succulent plants, tender woody vegetation, grasses, berries, acorns, and agricultural crops. Breeding/Young Male deer, called bucks, will mate with sev-eral female deer

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For Sale nine whitetail deer doe package to be live daughter and Y30 has a 1 1/2 son that scored 160 Buy Y30 $7,500.00 HOT They are sure to create some real nice Louisiana Monsters, World Class Whitetail Deer and. Trophy Whitetail Hunting. Wilson Whitetail & Wingshooting Ranch is known for producing huge typical south Texas whitetails. Since 1998, we have been offering private, all-inclusive guided hunting for trophy whitetail deer. Here at WWR, we have a variety of hunting packages that can accommodate any budget. No additional daily guide or lodge rates BuckTrader is home to a diverse selection of Stocker Bucks available for sale. We have some of the BEST Stocker Bucks with great genetics The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data

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Headquarters Boone and Crockett Club 250 Station Drive Missoula, MT 59801 Hours and Phone (M-F) 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 406.542.1888. Support: support@boone-crockett.or A new No. 3 nontypical firearms buck was added to the 2018 book. It was taken by Edwin Tokarcik, of Mount Pleasant, in 2016 in Westmoreland County and scored 224-3/8. Don't Edi 8-Band does 160, 75/80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meters, tuner may be required for 160. Legs are 90 and 180 feet OVERVIEW: Buckmaster OCF antennas are completely assembled, no trimming or adjustments are necessary. Just screw in your coax cable and raise the antenna as detailed below. They are unique not only because of the extremely high.

160's - $5,500 ; 170's - $6,500 ; 180's - $7,500 ; 190's - $8,500 ; 200'+ - $9,500 ; Whitetail Deer Facts for the New Hunter. Whitetail deer is the single most popular animal to hunt in the United States. With a population of 20-25 million, whitetail deer hunting is plentiful. Our bucks normally weigh between 130 to 230 pounds Area 87: This is a great hunt for a 170 class buck. There are bigger bucks around, hunt hard, you'll find a nice one. Area 157/170 type 3: Whitetail hunt. A lot of private land, access can be obtained from a few landowners

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mule deer buck in winter - mule deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. stag in the canyon - mule deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. big buck - mule deer stock illustrations. white-tailed deer in frosty bushes - mule deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images We have harvested a lot of bucks in the 160 to 180 class f, plus some up to the 200 class from this area. Smaller bucks are usually passed on. This management works and produces Trophy class deer for some of our hunter's each year. We will work hard to get you your dream buck Sign in - Google Account Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer & Elk Hunting Trips. When you book your hunting trip with Dragon Creek Ranch, you will be the only hunting party in camp. We do this so that we can give you that close attention that you deserve! You will be guided during the hunt by an experienced guide who will help you to harvest that whitetail buck or bull elk. bater: I would guess Busta's buck is 5 years old, maybe 6. The photo is deceptive because of the angles compared to other photos of it in the past. 5 is about the age when the start to sprout all the extra stuff. It is a very nice buck but won't score as big as it might seem because of issues with the typical frame

Honda Silverwing. Sold between 2002 and 2013, the Honda Silverwing was a 600c beast of a scooter. Hailed as one of the best maxi scooters of all time, the Silverwing is perfect for commuting, touring, and day trips. Before the release of the Silverwing, Honda's biggest scooter was in the 250cc range The trophy potential is huge, there's an amazing amount of public land available, the pressure is reasonable (8.3 hunters per square mile, compared to 12.3 in Ohio), and with 38% of the buck harvest being 3 1/2 years old or older, the states deer heard appears to have a healthy age structure When this giant buck stepped out, Ewen was still messing with his rifle. The buck's curiosity kept it in place long enough for Ewen to get the gun working. The end result is the 8th-largest typical whitetail of all time. 9. John A. Breen. A Minnesota buck shot by John A. Breen. Boone and Crockett Club It has been established to separate the architectural from the technical component that BUCK nourishes in their product portfolio of medical, sport, street and industrial lighting. BUDEC products will continue the legacy of high- quality products with top of the class optical performances

Runway Ready FashionTuesday, 4:00pmJune 15 - July 20Ages 7 - 11. $ 70.00. Read more Show Details. Superhero Snacks. Hulkamole and Chips! Thursday, July 22nd - 10:30-11:30am. $ 30.00. Add to cart Show Details When Taylor's buck was initially scored after the mandatory 60-day drying period was complete, it produced an eye-popping net entry score of 254 4/8 inches. That put the Taylor buck into an on-going duel with the A.J. Downs archery buck, a big East Texas whitetail taken on opening day of the 2012 archery season, and also scoring in the mid-250's Passing on a buck is always a gamble, but sometimes the strategy pays off. Boone & Crockett Club. Score: 305 6/8. Date: 1987. Location: California. You're never going to shoot a big buck if you always shoot the first buck you see. Passing on a buck is always a gamble, but sometimes the strategy pays off. It paid off in spades for Artie McGram. ANYTHING IN THE PRESERVE UP TO 160 INCHES — $3,500. Get anything in the preserve under 160 inches for $3,500 This is an INCREDIBLE deal. Be prepared to pass on a bunch of HUGE deer while hunting for your trophy whitetail. All deer are scored using SCI official scoring. The final score is determined by gross SCI score From summer to fall, a buck might be traveling due to crop harvest, changes in bedding, or hard mast. When it comes to a buck changing home ranges from fall to winter, a lot hinges on food. In Joey's case, there was a good enough food source to pull a buck ten miles. I can't imagine a buck going much further than that, but who knows, I would.

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2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 SUV. 22/29 mpg City/Hwy. 2.0L I-4 cyl Engine. 9-Speed Automatic. RWD. Graphite Exterior. Stock #: 213344. Radio: MBUX Multimedia System. Heated Front Bucket Seats Hunting Debate: What is an Average Whitetail Buck? Research shows that most bucks are 8-pointers, like this one killed by Wyatt Reinhardt of New Hampshire, once they get to age 3 or older. No matter what part of the country or older age class, the 8-point buck comprises most of the antler makeup — which is fine with most hunters Thread Starter. Join Date: Feb 2003. Location: Erie, Pennsylvania. Posts: 5,780. 140 class Whitetails. Anyone got any pics of 140 class whitetail mounts? Just curious! I know a guy who claims his buck this year scores 150 something green and I don't think it does. I'll try to get a pic of his sometime Higgins first spotted the deer on his farm when it was just a good, healthy yearling. But the following year, the buck had jumped in antler size with an estimated 160-inch rack. It was the biggest 2.5-year old buck Higgins had ever seen. That's when he nick-named the deer Mel, for its incredible potential

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$160.00. $20.00 shipping. or Best Offer. 13 watching. Wild Big IA 11 Point Whitetail Deer Antler Rack Horn Skull Decor Cabin Flyer. $645.00. $40.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Matched Set Whitetail Deer Antlers Sheds 5x5 WILD IDAHO Horns Wedding Decor 140. This Coupon is a $250 discount off a $2,000+ item valid from 5:00 AM Pacific Time on August 3, 2021 until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on August 9, 2021. $2,000 minimum purchase required from eligible items sold by the Seller (s) listed below. The Coupon discount is capped at a maximum value of $250. Warranties and protection plans are excluded